10 Conclusions: Zenit St Petersburg 2-0 Rangers

Ollie Irish

15th, May 2008

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Big, bad, ugly anti-football club get found out in the end.
rangers zenit.jpg
1 The better side won without a doubt, although Rangers were much improved after the break.
2 Russian energy money can win you European trophies. You’re in the wrong business, Abramovich. Oil is so last season – gas is where it’s at.
3 The 6-3-1 formation can’t win European trophies after all!

4 Comedy moment of the night: Konstatin Zyryanov tripping over the inside frame of the goal as he wheeled away to celebrate his winner (see above).
5 The air raid siren style goal announcement over the PA system was a little concerning!
6 The sight of 40,000 Rangers fans rocking Eastlands – awesome.
7 Carlos Cuellar is the spit of Marco Materazzi. But with a gum guard. And the ability to play football.
8 Jean-Claude Darcheville must eat a lot of Big Macs to maintain that bulky figure while doing so much thankless (and often pointless) exercise.
9 Andrei Arshavin needs to move west a bit and prove himself in one of Europe’s top leagues. He has definitely got what it takes.
10 He is also a Shit Lookalike of Skins star Nicholas Hoult.
arshavin lookalike.jpg

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1 Comment

  1. james says:

    “The sight of 40,000 Rangers fans rocking Eastlands – awesome.”

    Hmmm …. in light of your later comments about Celtic fans, “Olly”, I think we have an insight on your “tastes”
    I’ll bet you know all the songs too.

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