The Great Football Song Library No.2: ‘Mark Viduka’ by Alistair Griffin

Ollie Irish

16th, July 2009

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Like a Geoff Thomas shot, musical parodies often miss the mark – but this works perfectly, not just because Mark Viduka’s name fits the chorus to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ perfectly, but because it’s funny that anyone would choose such an inconsistent, mercurial player as Viduka to song-worship.

As such, it sums up perfectly the strange and hypocritical mind of the true football fan - Viduka is cast as the folk hero, which is funny because he’s hardly a one-club man: you can be sure as heck that no Boro fans sing this now.
A live version of the song, complete with giggling girls:

PS. Alistair Griffin was one of the more talented contestants in the history of ‘Fame Academy’.
No.1 ‘The Referee’s Alphabet’ by Half Man Half Biscuit

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1 Comment

  1. Fredmeister says:

    Love it. His name no loger makes any sense though.

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