Inevitable football news: Geordie gets Sir Bobby Robson tattoo

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2009


Newcastle fan George Wright, 45, has got a big ole’ tattoo of Sir Bobby Robson’s face inked on his left thigh:
What, a minute’s silence and a raised pint wasn’t enough for you, George? Now it’s like Sir Bob is chuckling at your cock. For the rest of your life.
Newcastle fans really do put the “mental” in sentimental. And I hate the way Newcastle Utd have decided to own Sir Bobby’s death, as if they have more of a claim on him than anyone else in football – especially after the shabby way he was treated by the club. What about Ipswich Town or PSV or Porto, all of whom have closer links with Robson. Or Fulham and West Brom, the two teams he gave fine service as a player.
But of course Newcastle Utd has the best fans in the world, you reply. Ah, that’s all right then.

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  1. David Allison says:

    “I hate the way… many of its fans have decided to own Sir Bobby’s death”
    Ollie – I’m not sure I follow you… how so?
    “But of course Newcastle Utd has the best fans in the world, you reply.”
    “You” being the average back-seat fan, who’s knowledge of the game comes direct from Paul Merson’s Soccer Saturday musings. I know that’s what you meant… ;oP

  2. David Allison says:

    Well here’s my view, as regards the club:
    Bobby was born in the area and it is where he has been buried. His Newcastle era, (in which he managed them longer than any other team), is in recent memory and therefore the media have been glued to the area – perhaps this is how you feel the club have owned his death; maybe it is the media attention that the club has received that has led you to believe this.
    Furthermore, Newcastle (as most towns and cities) loves local heroes; the lads run out on a home match day to ‘Local Hero’ by Mark Knopfler (aptly, another local man). Bobby wrote a book titled ‘Newcastle – My Kind Of Toon’ in which he spoke of his great admiration and love of the city.
    These are just a few reasons as to why he might mean a bit more to Newcastle than other cities / clubs.

  3. Ollie says:

    Fair points David. You know me – I don’t take football too seriously, but I do miss Robson.

  4. Matilda says:

    What happens when the hair that was shaved off to actually ink the tattoo grows back? Poor Sir Bobby will have a disgusting leg hair face!

  5. Scott says:

    His Newcastle era, (in which he managed them longer than any other team)
    Why does everyone keep forgetting about Ipswich?
    1968 Fulham
    1969–1982 Ipswich Town
    1982–1990 England
    1990–1992 PSV
    1992–1994 Sporting CP
    1994–1996 FC Porto
    1996–1997 FC Barcelona
    1998–1999 PSV Eindhoven
    1999–2004 Newcastle United

  6. Anonymous says:

    ollie i think your spot on, i know the media has linked bobby to newcastle as though he’d never went anywhere else, it was an after thought when newcastle actually asked him to manage them!

  7. Adam says:

    I guess it was just because of him being from around the area. When you say Newcastle treated him badly, I hope you been the backroom staff as I don’t recall the fans wanting him to leave.

  8. Robor says:

    Can i get a one small picture from your blog?

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