Congo United Striker Breaks 60-Year-Old Swedish Football Record After Scoring 21 Goals In One Game!

Chris Wright

12th, August 2014


By Chris Wright


Congratulations to Yanick Djouzi Manzizila, who is now the proud new owner of a Swedish football record that had previously stood for the last 60 years.

On Saturday, Congo United FC (founded by one-time Championship Manager legend Tonton Zola Moukoko) thumped opponents Balrog Botkyrka Södertälje IK in the seventh division of Stockholm’s regional league, with 25-year-old striker Manzizila scoring not one, not two, but 21 – twenty one! – goals in a resounding 30-0 victory.

In scoring 21 goals in one game, Manzizila broke the previous Swedish football record of 18 goals in one game, which had stood unsurpassed since 1954.

Manzizila told Aftonbladet after the game:

“I had scored 12 goals against them before, so I knew there was a chance to score goals.

“I got a good start and then it just ran away, it just went to overdrive.”

Not that the 25-year-old forward was willing to take all the credit for his heroics, adding:

“My twin brother, Alex, played me in all the time, so it’s really his merit too!”

Manzizila’s record has since been verified by Claes-Göran Bengtsson, the honorary chairman of the society of Swedish Football Historians and Statisticians, no less.

“Oh f**k, what fun!,” said Manzizila after hearing his record had been made official.

“I was aiming for the season to reach a hundred goals should I (avoid injury). Only 42 goals left!”

With just ten games of the season played, Congo United sit proudly at the top of the league with a goal difference of 86-8.

On present evidence, that’s not particularly surprising.

(Via Aftonbladet)/Image: Aftonbladet)