Italy vs Serbia Abandoned After Serbian Hooligans Riot

Ollie Irish

12th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

The Euro 2012 qualifier between Italy and Serbia was suspended after less than ten minutes of play due to serious crowd disturbances.

The kick-off had already been delayed by 45 minutes when Serbian fans threw flares onto the pitch and lit fireworks inside Genoa’s Marassi stadium. And once play began, Serbian ultras began to cause trouble again and so Scottish referee Craig Thomson decided to stop the game – it’s the right decision, especially if you believe the many tweets that painted a hardcore minority of Serbian fans as masked troublemakers hell-bent on violence from way before the first whistle.

According to the BBC, the actions of the few Serb fans are likely to result in Italy being awarded a 3-0 win by default. That seems fair, if not on Serbia’s players.

It’s thought that some Serbian fans were in a mood to cause trouble ever since their side lost to Estonia at home last week.

A few pics and a video:

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  1. askeped says:

    Fascist salutes, homophobes, flares thrown at both sets of players… What a bloody disgrace. Hopefully UEFA will be hard-handed on this, although they probably won’t. Shame for all the regular Serbian traveling support, though.

  2. miki says:

    what a disgrace!

  3. Ollie Irish says:

    Uefa should make Serbia play the rest of their Euro 2012 qualifiers behind closed doors. And that’s for starters.

  4. Ollie Irish says:

    I mean their home qualifiers, of course

  5. DTH says:

    Looks to me like the polizia really didn’t feel like getting all that involved. I seem to recall them going completely apeshit on quite large sections of the ENglish supporters for quite a bit less in Milan about ten yeas ago.

  6. Anonymous says:

    shutup you cunt ^

  7. realSerb says:

    These so called Serbs are a fucking discrace and dont care about Serbia all they want to do is take drugs and fight the police like they did on Sunday.Where the guy that was jumping on the plexiglass probably stole his shoes when he destroyed Belgrade.They say they are real Serbs but even the patrijarh said that he is agaisnt the gay pride parade but against the violence.I hope this people get the shit beaten out of them and lifetime sentece…

  8. realSerb says:

    p.s They should pull us out of the qualifiers and make us play the world cup qualifiers behind close doors or more likely suspend us for 5 years!!!!

  9. Atlagev says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I hope the Italian police were able to arrest all of those fans, especially the “ringleaders” cutting the wires and burning the Albanian flag.

  10. Chris says:

    What were the polizia supposed to do? They were cordoned in, and were posing no danger to the Italian fans, most of whom left when the match was called off. Leave the fools to arse about with their flares and stupidity and give FIFA a long enough rope to hang them with.
    Doubt FIFA will ever step up and do anything as usual though.

  11. Anonymous says:

    good lads, police shit themselves the dirty italians good when theyve got a few english with no weopens in a corner!! we are leeds

  12. jobber says:

    I Think it is great, Passion is what football is about and this shows it.

  13. jobber says:

    Bet the dirty Iti’s ultrasound hid in alleys waiting to stab them in the arse cheeks in their normal ‘hard men’s style. We need to get a ‘friendly’ arranged with this lot so we can have a massive tear up with this lot. Will make the Ireland game look tame. Serbia, just a small town in Albania! Fuck the Serbs.

  14. Tony d safc says:

    Let’s just see what happens but I bet it’s not as harsh as it would be if it was England, facings Italian mugs shouldn’t be letting them in with knives anyway.

  15. garry says:

    you are a fucking leeds……..we are millwall fc.we are the best!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    wow thats what i call fucking retards….and i dont get what the albanian flag had anything to do with this game.. oh well they just disrespected themselves more than anything

  17. What a shame!!! All we expected very exciting football game, but this was terrible. Hooligans did everything just to stop this game. Unbelievable, this shouldn’t happen at sport events. There were a lot of children at stadium. What kind of message they got???

  18. geordie says:

    I think that Italians used reputation of Serbian hooligans to win this game without playing, being under a lot of pressure (WC early exit, EC qualifiers bad start…). I’ve seen tons of games played under a lot more difficult circumstances . Look at the facts: 2-3 flares, 2 guys sitting on the fence and yelling. Nothing special if you ask me. They used same tactics back in the 80s to end English dominance in Euro cups.

  19. ilan says:

    Been in Serbia and it is a great country with very warm and friendly people but unfortunatley there is an ultra nationalist element and they use football as a way of getting their warped message across. Although livng here in the UK I seem to remeber on many times Italian police beating up English fans for sod all….thinking Roma v Man U like two years ago. They shat themselves when these Red Star ultra boys showed up by the look of it. And in Italy the police are used to dealing with hooligans.



  21. THE ULTRA says:

    well in serbians! showed the cops how its fuckin done , fuck the italians aswell , CHEATIN BASTARDS , viva la’Serbia!xxx

  22. dc says:

    jobber, [passion] is great– [doing nazi salutes and burning the flag of a country whose people were massacred less than 20 years ago by your own country] is not great

  23. Literate Serb says:

    Too bad the police didn’t beat the shit out of those bastards. I invested heavily into watching the game (bought a carton of beer) and then this happened!

  24. bcfc england zulus says:

    theres only one nikola zigic.common the serbs.kill the itie bill.

  25. Ollie Irish says:

    Slightly concerned how many of you seem to be condoning the actions of the Serbian fans

  26. sasassas says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but why are they rioting?

  27. 7champions says:

    Those wankers were rioting for something happened 2 days before in Belgrade, it had nothing to do with the game vs Italy. Anyhow, more videos are coming out for the major ass kick the riot police gave them once families and kids cleared the stadium.
    They choose the wrong Country to go fuck around.And they got lucky Italian Ultras do not attend National team games. If this would have been a club game, those jackasses would be begging for the cops.

  28. justserb says:

    [Dc] umm by what i recall they stole our land, and they burned the flag to prove a point as the people since the government doesent lisen.

  29. cris says:

    italian police kicked their ass during the night….
    i saw on tv italian arond midnight police to be so rude …. thx to them

  30. yosup says:

    Why burning the Albanian flag? Because we have to show all the world how the albanians stole our land fuckin bitches. Just because of the help of Usa,….because america hates us.

  31. Vladimir says:

    I’m from Serbia and have to say this has nothing to do with football . 2 days ago in Belgrade were huge anti gay riots and hooligans were fighting with the police on the streets and this has more thing with politics then with Italians or football match. The Red Star “fans” beated before match Serbian goalkeeper Stojkovic who used to be a gk of Red Star and few months ago he became a member of Partizan , Red Star’s biggest rival. Also Serbia is going through very hard socialeconomic period and there is a lot of anger for the autorities of Serbian government. There are some theory of conspiracy that says that government has part in this because they allowed these hooligans to left the country and ticket prices were very cheaper than usually, whole price including transport to Genoa was about 70 euros and i suppose that government wanted to reduce number of hooligans on the streets during gay parade!

  32. Fat Nakago says:

    This was disgraceful and stupid behavior regardless of what country they were from. Stupid, dumb, unnecessary, childish, quisling, and uncalled for. Here in the USA those focks would have been hauled off to jail before they even got to the stadium. American football has it’s club rivalries, but even Green Bay Packers fans (that would be ME) and Chicago Bears fans, who generally don’t like each other will co-exist w/o this kind of jackassery. That assclown with the flare would have been removed at once if he pulled that shite at any American sporting event.

    Anyway, those a-holes gave Serbia a bad name…and, well…as for them burning an Albanian flag, well…they probably were to cowardly to burn a Croatian flag. but that’s what small-minded cowards do to make themselves feel big.

    All this hooliganism is the result of small people trying to feel big…but by their violent actions, they only make themselves smaller in the end. And…Leeds and Millwall, that applies to y’all as well.

  33. anthony says:

    so who gets the win of that match

  34. Hool1488 says:

    This is what football is all about f` cowards ! GO SERBIA!!! Kosovo is SERBIA!!!

  35. Albanian says:

    Serbs are cowards. We have beaten the sh..t aout of them always. Ask them how many sebs died on 1912 in Albania. It is more than 12000 who died like pigs.

  36. chimpo says:

    50% of the above posts are by semi-evolved morons

    Back to your caves, boys.

  37. Gamblino says:

    Fucking war criminals

  38. Anonymous says:

    millwall haha your a fucking joke! you shit yourselfs everytime we come to you and you come upto us with your 200 away fans! shit football team shit club shit firm youve got fuck all

  39. eri says:

    Shame on Serbs who still claim a territory that has been annexed to Albania arbitrarily in 1913???? Do they know the history, do they know that Kosovo is Albania territory in centuries??? Of course they do, but hide after politics and invasion and forget we are living in the 20th century…………Serb have done mamy and many monstrousities to Kosovo people and destroying a football match is the least of those ANIMALS.

  40. dimitris says:

    fuck the serbian huligans

  41. dimitris says:

    We are the same as in Greece in the game of basketball are quite bad

  42. Anonymous says:

    Punish them hard, its the only resolution. If fifa lets this go, next game will be worse. Don’t patrionize w any of these hooligans.

  43. Football Fan says:

    I beleive this happens because this guys have nothing else to do. As they small dicks can t satisfy any woman (thats why serbian woman like guys from somewhere else)they have a lot of anger inside (with themselfs) and they are so ridiculous that they show off in a football game.
    Congrats to all holligans all over the world for showing what not to do and for us to have someone to laught of.
    You can see the painless balls of the guys that were in the glasses.. I beleive its because they dont have balls anyway.
    I think all this guys when they are alone r F chickens!!!
    Hope they r beaten up enought!!!
    Regards to all good normal football fans

  44. Spadafora says:

    Fuck Albania! Kosovo IS Serbia! Read a book for once the Albanians and Muslims stole Kosovo when the Ottoman Turks invaded Greece and the Balkans just like the Turks stole Constantinople and part of Cyprus from the Greeks. Now we just need to take it all back! Love to my CHRISTIAN Orthodox Brothers from SS LAZIO!

  45. Julio says:

    LOL, This Serbs Are just Faggits, I Dont Think They Would Have The Balls To Act Like This Somewhere Were There Aint Police,

    + They Have No Idea How Much Serbian Girls Love Working For Albanians Pimps And Night Clubs In Albania, hahaaa

    Give it 10 Year Max.. And See What Country Albania Will Become After Joining With Kosovo And Part Which They Own In Macedonia And Montenegro.


  46. LOL says:

    The Serbs commenting on this make me laugh. Yeah okay according to YOU Albanians STOLE land thats YOURS…? Yeaaaaah sureee, whatever you say. You can think whatever you want and accuse Albanians as much as you want but at the end of the day, you’re the ones going to hell for raping mothers and daughters, killing babies, murdering helpless old people, burning our homes, creating orphans all over Kosova and STEALING innocent peoples lives by murdering them for no reason except for the fact that you think we stole your land. wow. I have just one question for all of you: How do you sleep at night?

  47. xxx says:

    First of all,football doesn’t have nothing with this what has happened.This guys like to haveing troubles,doing that in their own country (they belong to different groups called Ultras boys,Alkatraz etc). And football fan don’t have a joke with them,especially their dicks.You don’t know Serbian men so don’t talk about it.

  48. MARKO says:

    Oh no…. wee lil English boys getting they’re little boy panties in a bunch cause of the BIG BAD SERBS. Those homophobic roughians really scared us. Gosh, I almost fell on my fat English ass when I was sitting on my couch watching the game on my flat screen tv I was soo scared! Big ups to the normal ppl commenting who realize that this shit happens and so be it. To the fucking pussies, go fuck yourselves and grow some fucking balls. And to you filthy fucking Arab-Albanian-Muslim-Turkish-Gypsy douchebags, its ok. You played the victims once and cried until you got leverage with Mr. Blair and Clinton. It won’t happen again. Just keep multiplying and invading, soon the rest of Europe will know what you people really are.

  49. Serbia FTW! says:

    [LOL] Well with your post you’ve just described what Albanian people did to Serbs on Kosovo, and not what Serbs did to Albanians!!!
    So yeah, you stole OUR LAND!!!
    But that will NOT be for long!!!

    And about this match, I thing that both sides should be punished, Serbia because of this so called fans, for letting them go to the match, and I think that we should be punished with next 5 games without fans on our own field, and Italy should be punished also for bad organization of the match, because they could put more police since it was pronounced as a game of vary high risk, and they could just remove fans from the stadium, and let game be played, but no, they had to stop the whole match.. I’t obvious that they wanted to stop it because they want official result of 3:0, so the Italy should be punished also, by financial punishment. And the game should be replayed!

  50. srb says:

    For 46th guy!! Dont fucking repeat everything CNN said, you cum dumpster, Albanians are a kind of people who sell there own kids to Italian pedos, and kill everyone in there path, how did Albanians have all those weapons to fight Serbian army? AND dont even ask what Serbian army was doing there, it WAS there the whole time, because its our territory. So many morons here, thinking they know truth about us, well you dont, and you never will.

  51. A.V says:

    I recommend UEFA take complete demand on this situation.
    Firstly, Racism occurs, Burning the Albanian flag.
    Secondly, costing there team a game.
    Thirdly, wasting there own countrymen’s money.
    Pathetic fucking idiots, go fuck yourselves use fucking hypocrits,.

  52. A.V says:

    Everyone that’s commenting with “Kosovo is serbia”
    First of all it’s KOSOVA, you fucking idiots.
    We’re independant, we shit all over you, you fucking animals.
    Read books that serbs made up, go fuck yourself.
    Then talk about history.
    Tomorrow use will say, use are WORLD CHAMPIONS if everyone listened to use.

  53. b d :) says:

    fuk the serbs fuk the albanians fuk the gypsys turks italians
    no serbs wud cum england and giv it big un fukin big nosed funny lukin fukers


  54. radic says:

    you guys are such fucking faggets,
    honestly you guys dont know shit.
    and dont go around running your mouth how “serbia should be ashamed” like shut the fuck up, serbian fans did not do anything, its in particular people that come to cause trouble. the serbian team tried their best to represent us in a good way and to show everyone what were made of, but clearly that didnt happen because of the riots.

  55. radic says:

    if uefa does kick serbia out of football. they will regret it…you dont know type of damage serbs can do. dont fuck with us. were powerful more then you ever will be.

  56. albanian says:

    time and time again the serbs appear to be the loosers, they cant seem to win anything, loooooosers. bunch of idiots, in my oppinion not only should they not be allowed to play any matches anywhere in the world, but they should be kept in that country behind closed doors, like a zoo for arguments sake. cant wait to get my hand on a serb flag, you guessed lots of gasoline on the other.

  57. Cut_the_Crap says:

    The police could not intervene inside the stadium because of the stampede risk.
    Next time, don’t let them in.
    There will be no next time anyway, those animals are gonna be banned from football and will have to stay in custody during the games.

  58. Proud SERB says:

    First if first you albanian degenerates claming you got your land through your own work hahaha if it was not for the morons who live in USA you would have nothing but a grass field to eat from and to clear it up you still dont have your independence we Serbians have not permitted it who cares what the rest say. For the rest of you muppets I am a Serb who lives in London and I can say from seeing it with my own two eyes that the holigans here aint nothing much compared to people that have constantly been to war. And for the record the idiot who said we to scared to push up on Croats please give me a break read a book they Girls just like the Albanians. And sorry what was that i saw Serbia are losers we dont win anything hahaha have you ever seen a sport called basketball or water polo or sorry you dont have teams there cause your morons and dont know how to play the sport

  59. LOL says:

    WOW so suddenly my COUSIN who had every single male member of her family murdered is suddenly counted as CNN? she has a 8 year old little sister who will never get to know her father who was an INNOCENT man. Your dirty race broke families apart and there is proof for that no matter what you say. FACE THE FACTS ASSHOLE.

  60. LDN says:


    hahaha. Your country is a pathetic footnote. One step down on the evolutionary ladder from Borat. Just listen to you all. Why do you all flock to the UK and USA if your country’s so great. Hooliganism in poorly policed stadiums is the only way you’re ever even gonna get noticed. You just keep fighting and arguing and leave sport and politics to the big boys.

  61. serbia says:

    fuck a l’albanie

  62. albanian says:

    i am from albanian soo fuck serbia and tham mams

  63. albanian says:

    i am from london fuck serbia pussy i am albanian red and black fuck serbia

  64. pub says:

    You slaughtered the Serbs who were fighting radical Islam, you filthy Westerners.

  65. Rian-man says:

    First of all to all the albanians here: Is the Dick Marty report enough for you to shut up and actualy FACE THE FACTS YOUR SELVES? Wikipedia is not a history site,so stop trying to change it with constant articles. As you can see on our “war crimes” a member of Un for Balcans supervision actualy posted an un-deletable text of your war crimes. You didn’t have an army,only heavily armed civilians posing as an army so no,those people we killed were not inocent just trash like any albanian is.

    The game wasn’t a shame and the gay parade is not connected with this. Its becouse an Partizan BG fan lost its eye in a cward atack in Brisel(no articles about that) same as many other 10 to 1 atacs yoy europians with no dicks do to us. Well,this was payback. And the cops got their asses kicked. P.S. Maybe the Italian fans shoudn’t have provoked Serbs with the fire hose? Didn’t keep them from running when their plan worked. P.P.S. Albania never had any control of KOSOVO(no A in the end). I studied their history an can only say: 1389 – Serbia vs the Ottomans. Can you muslims be any more pathetic to try and change it to be Albania vs Ottomans? Well rats do as shit moves,Serbia is a beautiful contry :) No racist remars were mayde in this game and stop envolving Croatia in this fight you albanian cunts.

  66. Ryan Smith says:

    I’ve just come back from a night out in Belgrade. I was with an American guy and an Irish guy. We were absolutely sober. A 7ft tall thick set skinheaded bouncer came over and told us this area was for security only. My friend’s response was sorry we didn’t realise. The bouncer proceeded to grab him by the next and throw him into the street. For nothing. I have visited 38 countries in my life, many of them were 3rd world countries in Africa, Asia and South America. I’ve never seen such primitive and pathetic behaviour in my life. I’ll never visit Belgrade again. I actually have Serbian friends and have told them, I have nothing positive to say about your country, and even they were glad to leave the place. As for the simple miser Serbian people on here justifying their behaviour with Albania, why don’t you apologise to Bosnia before coming on to a website and preaching about things you don’t understand. Your behaviour during the Balkans and Kosovo wars was an abomination. Look it up.

    As for the ‘we are Leeds, Milwall’ etc morons on here. I lived on Italy during this, and can confirm that the levels of violence at this game were beyond anything I’ve ever seen. As brave as you are posting this muck on websites, you are an embarrassment to society. Better than the Ireland match? Ive lots of Irish friends and none of them are even interested in hooliganism. Maybe it’s an education thing. But it was very brave of you to go to Dublin during a friendly game and wreck the stadium of a civilised city. I’m depressed and embarrassed by everything I’ve read here and think you ‘people’ would be better off living in Belgrade where you belong.

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