England’s Starting XI For Euro 2012?

Ollie Irish

14th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Peering ahead through the gloom, and desperately hoping England doesn’t have a team based around the usual suspects (Terry, Ferdinand, Lampard and Gerrard) by the time the Euro 2012 finals come around, here’s something like the more progressive starting team I’d like to see England field in Poland & Ukraine:


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Sadly, I think inflexible Fabio Capello will stick with the same old names. For England’s national team, tomorrow never comes, yet one good look at the current Germany team is all we need to see why we’ve failed routinely since 1966: you simply HAVE to take a chance on potential.

And on the bench, a few names bubbling under, with both Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup in mind: Frank Fielding, Kieran Gibbs, Chris Smalling, Michael Mancienne, Jack Rodwell, Marc Albrighton, Jordan Henderson, Theo Walcott, Daniel Sturridge.

Who would you like to see in England’s team for Euro 2012?

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  1. Andrew Thompson says:

    I agree that all them players should probably be in the squad, who knows who will come through and shine until then.
    I’d rather a young team goes…tries…and fails
    than the same old team that will just fail( to be fair Germany,Spain or Holland will win it anyways)
    Fraser Forster will be pushing into the squad by then

  2. mizman says:

    Bent in for Andy Carroll. DB would only be 28 at euro 2012

  3. GrimeMinister says:

    I never see Danny Welbeck on any of these XI’s. The boy is a massive, massive talent. That is all

  4. Anonymous says:

    england is shit

  5. Ollie Irish says:

    @ Grime – Welbeck is up there, sure – I rate Sturridge slightly more though.

  6. gaptooth says:

    hings look bleak if this is our team – you say progressive – but there needs to be a mixture of young and old -spain and germany proved this.

    this team would do well to reach the knockout stages – even italy would beat this team
    I also think 4-4-2 is asking for trouble

    also ollie there are too many question marks hanging over these players – most of them barely have champions league experience.

    m. Richards – too error prone, and cant half give away a penalty – what does he offer going forward ?

    Cahill – international class ? – u must be kidding – he has a long way to go

    Wilshere – yes he is good technically – but benefits from intricate players around him – which england do not have , and from your formation he looks like the main creative player , too much to ask the lad and too soon

    Lennon – ??? what are you thinking when u have players like walcott and milner in the frame – also the rate at which lennon is decreasing in ability is worryin

    Rooney – ahaaha

    Carroll – I know international footy is not what it used to be – but its a bit better quality than the championship – and this is the only forum where carroll stands out – he isnt even premiership class let alone international class

    when u still have defoe, milner , dawson , glenn johnson , gerrard , and dare i say it terry – still all playing for top clubs – u have to pick them

    ps – i agree with huddlestone tho – he’s a mixed race version of xavi alonso – and he is getting better

  7. babo says:

    Phil Jones – way more potential than Cahill or Smalling etc.

  8. Adam FJ says:

    Bobby Z

  9. The 100% Greek says:

    Loved the Ashley Cole photo!! There are talent and potential coming in the England squad in the nexte few years but the managers will have to take their bets. There are actually some “dinosaurs” in the current lineups,even Rooney could be considered such. The bad thing on him is the fact that he plays in the starting elevens for 8yrs already and still he is 24??? or somethin.

  10. PhilandoTorres says:

    Rodwell and Wilshere a potential world class centre-mid partnership? I think so.

    Martin Kelly is already a better right-back than Glen Johnson. If it wasn’t for his absurd price tag, Glen Johnson wouldn’t get a game for Liverpool or England.

  11. Donner Meat says:

    That right back slot is looking pretty bare. I bet Capello ends up taking SWP, Carrick etc. Players who should never play for England again.

  12. Donner Meat says:

    Richard Cahill Jagielka A.Cole
    Huddlestone/Cattermole Wilshere
    A. Johnson Gerrard Young/Milner

    Rooney is on his last legs. You only have to look at the mans build to know his class wont last, I hope im wrong though. I think everyone will agree Glen Johnson cant defend. I think Gerrard still has a few years in him, although being a scouse im probably bias.

  13. Trololololo says:

    Micah Richards has the concentration of a 4-year old with ADD on a sugar rush. Scratch.

  14. Gav says:

    I agree with philando torres, wilshere and rodwell would be amazing together. when rodders leaves us i hope he goes to arsenal. those two could be unbelievable together. little and large but so technically brilliant. they would combine pace, power, technique, class passing, great shooting, one left foot one right foot, both get stuck in and rodders can be a new vieira/gerrard and wilshere could be a new hoddle/xavi. get them playing together asap and let them learn to play with each other. miles better than stevie me and barry

  15. dojo says:

    lol … basically. it’s nice to blood young talent but the thing is England simply doesn’t have the depth and quality of talent to match the likes of the big footballing countries. the next generation in Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France is already so much better than the above team … just like their older brothers. can any of the youngsters on this team carry Ozil’s or Mueller’s boots?

  16. Tom Jones says:

    The team you have set up is even worse that the current one. By some distance aswell.

  17. […] years away, but that?s no reason not to try to build England?s squad for the tournament right now. [Who Ate All The Pies]Yeah, why wasn?t Bob Bradley fired? [Avoiding The Drop]Oh right. This is why. Brilliant Analysis. […]

  18. LT says:

    Tom Cleverley.

  19. The Truth says:

    Rodwell on the bench?
    I wouldn’t go for a 4-4-2…
    One up front would be fine, sacrificing Carroll for Rodwell to add one more muscle in the mid. I mean, if you -have- to play Wilshire as a starter, you might as well have another rock-solid CDM to feed the ball to him.

  20. supaphil says:

    i find it hilarious that what england need–more than anything–is gareth bale.

  21. rags says:

    Euro 2012 squad with a view to the next World Cup

    Hart Foster Carson
    Johnson Richards Cahill Ferdinand Terry Jagielka Cole Gibbs
    Rodwell Huddlestone Henderson Gerrard
    Wilshere Johnson Walcott Milner Rooney Carroll Bent Defoe

    Starting 11 (4-2-3-1)


    Johnson Jagielka Terry Cole

    Gerrard Rodwell

    Johnson Wilshere Rooney


  22. deckard says:

    lol so the majority of u at this site are poms and actually still care about the 3 circus lions. or make that circus clowns.

  23. dude man says:

    Richards Jagielka Terry Gibbs
    Johnosn Gerrard Rodwell Wilshere Lennon
    best subs bench:
    fielding, johnson, jones, huddlestone, walcott, carroll, bent

  24. The Old Campaigner says:

    Terry must go. He’s brought nothing but shame and humiliation on England.

  25. Mark Norman says:

    Jordan Henderson, Phil Jones, Jack Rodwell, Josh McEachran, Benik Afobe, Raheem Stirling. for Euro 2016

  26. cook says:

    saying rooneys on his last legs? you’re having a laugh. i think that you did a good job with the selection, i love the idea of having cahill aswell! but i personally would skip the 4-4-2 and go for something more attacking and even something to harness progressing power force of englands midfield. possibly a 4-2-3-1 or even 4-5-1.

    Hart (obvs)

    Gibbs – Jagielka – Cahill – Cole

    Huddlestone – Rodwell

    Walcott/A. Johnson – Gerrard (C) – Milner/Young/Wilshere


    a mix of experience and youth. i especially like the idea of Wilshere playing the fulcrum to our attacks, but i can’t choose him over Stevie G, and i would prefer not to play him in a wide position cause i only see him as a central man. i still have him as an alternative though. would like to see Martin Kelly in the mix, but again the experience prevails.

  27. Anonymous says:

    rooney will be finished and in rehab by euro 2012

    Hart (obvs)

    Richards – Ferdinand(c) – Cahill – Cole

    Huddlestone – Gerrard

    Walcott – Wilshere– Ashley Young

    Defoe/Darren Bent*(top english goal scorer 3 years in a row*)

    rooney is a good player but we have to stop playing people just because they are popular. he is out of form out of sorts and should not have started in the world cup.
    rooney is not on the same level as messi or ronaldo no matter what sky or the sun tells you. he is a good player but gerrard is better and more essential to the team.
    Rio is the best deender in the country lets just be real just because rio isnt white it doent mean he isnt better than terry,cahill, and jags.
    and this comes from some one who thinks utd are scum.

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