Ding dong, Premier League PPV is dead

Ollie Irish

6th, November 2020

From The Guardian today:

The Premier League is expected to abandon the practice of showing matches on pay-per-view, after clubs finally acknowledged their almost universal unpopularity.

A widespread backlash against pay-per-view saw supporter groups raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity rather than pay the £14.95 the league had asked fans to hand over to watch their clubs on TV.

Although the switch is not confirmed, with clubs still to rubber-stamp the change and get the buy-in of broadcasters, the clear expectation is that PPV will be dropped, with new plans put in place until the end of the year at the earliest.

Well that ship didn’t take long to go down. And hallelujah for the way fans united to protest against the absurdly high cost of watching a single match. Call it the Rashford Effect – the young Man Utd forward has empowered so many people, including fans, to take direct action against greed and injustice.

It’s embarrassing for the Premier League. Good, it should be. Let us not speak of £14.95 again.

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