English Premier League 2016: Picks And Predictions

Paul Sorene

19th, January 2016


By James Greenstone

English Premier League 2016 – Picks and Predictions

The English Premier League (EPL) is easily one of the most popular soccer leagues on planet earth. It is also one of the most dynamic leagues in the world. In its present configuration, the EPL began in 1992. Twenty football teams compete for honours every premier league season. The top three teams automatically qualify for the lucrative European Champions League group stage while the last three teams are relegated to the Championship. Already, the 2015/2016 Premier League season is well under way and the action has been fast and furious. Below is an enlightened opinion on what people are saying about the EPL this year.

Who will win this Premier league title this year?

Now, this is a tough question because the unfolding drama in the EPL has brought some unexpected surprises. First, the defending champion Chelsea is out of the title and they have been out of the race for a while. The surprise of the season has been Leicester City Football Club. This team has confounded the bookmakers and some people are tipping Leicester City to go all the way and win the title. English football betting with UK’s leading bookmaker, William Hill has information to support this proposition. Two other teams in the running are Arsenal Football Club and Manchester City FC. Meanwhile, Manchester United is not completely out of the race yet. This club can still get it right with some astute signings in the January transfer window and a positive attitude. Below is a detailed analysis of the teams that are likely to win the Premier League trophy in May 2016.

Arsenal Football Club

The most likely destination of the Premier League trophy is North London. This is because Arsenal is topping the league right now but it is not a done deal yet. Leicester City and Manchester City look poised to push Arsenal all the way. The thing is that the Gunners have not won the league title in the last 12 years so 2016 may be the year to break their Premier League hoodoo.

Leicester Football Club

This club has shown clearly that they are not afraid to rub shoulders with the big boys of the EPL. They were league leaders for most of the first period of the current premier league campaign and they have two hot strikers in Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez. If these two strikers continue to bang in the goals, Leicester may be crowned Premier League champions in May 2016.

Manchester City Football Club

This club parades some of the top players in the EPL. With Chelsea out of the race and Manchester United not showing enough champion quality, many people are betting on the blue half of Manchester to lift the trophy. This is a safe bet but Arsenal and Leicester fans may have a different opinion.

Final word

At this point, it is safe to state that we are looking at a three race in the 2015/2016 season. The title will definitely go to one of Arsenal, Leicester or Manchester City. Bet on Arsenal to win the trophy and you will be in the money come May 2016.

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  1. Micky Pizzle says:

    Paid content from “UK’s leading bookmaker William Hill” perchance? Last time I read this blog anyway…

    • Tokyo Sexwale says:

      God forbid they run an ad to help pay for all this free content you read.

      • Micky Pizzle says:

        My main issue is that when initially posted, the “article” wasn’t tagged as a “promotional post”. Which, on a blog which doesn’t usually do paid content seems a bit underhand.

        • Tokyo Sexwale says:

          Fair. But it’s a bit of an overreaction to completely leave the site because of an ad isn’t it? They do churn out a lot of free content every day, the majority of which is pretty top class.

  2. Carlos says:

    Arsenal? I doubt it. They’ll mess it up as always. They don’t have the balls to be champions, they’re too naive. I think it will be between Leicester and City…. and United can still surprise us, I think. There’s too many champions there, much more than at Arsenal, players who know how to win a championship and they might just start to picking up points.

    1. City
    2. Leicester
    3. Man United
    4. Arsenal

  3. man city will win the league, not only because they are a good side. But there is a law in premier league, that peolple dont know yet, and not only I am a man city suporter

  4. well football is unpredictable …Leicester city are doing well..man city doing good too..but in this time Arsenal will never loose any game again..maybe they can draw but not loosen …at the end arsenal will emerged as the winner of 2015/2016EPL CHAMPIONS and will also win the Emirate FA CUP …pls remember I said this

  5. Mitch lcfc says:

    Looks like it’s gonna b my beloved Leicester winning it n u predicted Spurs not even in top 4!!

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