Mascots Swarm Around Cristiano Ronaldo Before Real Madrid Friendly in China, Leave Toni Kroos All On His Ownsome (Photos)

Alan Duffy

27th, July 2015


By Alan Duffy


Before Real Madrid 1-0 win against Inter Milan in China on Monday, the local mascots made it very clear which Madrid player they liked the best.

Five of the excited youngsters (one is hidden in the photo above) decided to stand in front of the Portuguese legend, leaving the likes of poor old Toni Kroos looking like a Billy-no-mates.


Actually, there seems to have been 19 mascots overall with the Spaniard side (including the one not in the photo), meaning every player should have got at least 1.64 kids each, which makes Kroos’ predicament seems ever more tragic.


The whole thing actually of a 70s kids’ TV show called Runaround, which was hosted initially by comedian (and future Eastenders star) Mike Reid. In that show, the young contestants had to ‘run around’ and choose where to stand in order to answer a question, just like the Chinese mascots stood by Ronaldo. Although considering it was the seventies, the children may well have been running away from the celebrity guests.

I know we’ve gone off on quite a tangent here, but we don’t care. Here’s a clip of the TV show in question for the more mature among you…

Photos: @FootballFunnys & Getty Images

Video: terminus69

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  1. Haywired says:

    Things like that could give him an ego.

  2. Bob says:

    For all Ronaldo’s failings (and successes), he never looked happier. Be it ego or whatever this must still give a huge amount of gratification. It’s what you play for surely. Everyone wants to inspire.

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