Irish Sunday League Forward Scores ‘Bergkamp-esque’ Goal, Mate Captures It On Film While ‘Just Testing Out’ His New Camera (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

Over in Division 1A of the Kerry District League (in the south-west of Ireland) on Sunday morning, CSKA Tralee forward Michael Griffin scored an absolute belter of a goal: deftly clipping a pass over his marker, turning on a large novelty Lottery cheque and looping a finish over the oncoming goalkeeper. ‘Twas Bergkamp-esque, if you will.

Indeed, it was the kind of goal that tends to go down in a team’s Sunday League folklore: remembered fondly as the time your side actually did something half-decent for a change as the touch becomes a little sweeter, the technique becomes a little smoother and the finish becomes a little bit crisper with every dewy-eyed, nostalgic retelling.

Thankfully however, the goal was caught on camera by a fan on the touchlines – though it was purely by chance, with spectator and cameraman Jordan Murphy later admitting to the local paper, “I was only testing out the video on my new camera.”

Thank God/Allah/Buddha/Unicron he did, or the rest of the world may have all missed out on this little beauty…

Oh yes.

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  1. Chris B. says:

    Unicron! Where I grew up, that original Transformers movie turned many boys into men.

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