Higuita Approves: Spanish Subsititute Keeper Pops Up With Last-Minute Scorpion Kick Equaliser (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, November 2014


By Chris Wright

Life can be tough for a second or third fiddle goalkeeper: endless hours of boredom, sitting on your arse, waiting in vain for your chance to step into the limelight.

So when life hands you the opportunity to step out of the shadows, you’ve got to prove your mettle and come wading through the metaphorical crowded six-yard box of life to collect it (the opportunity, in case you were struggling to follow the allegory) with both hands.

That’s exactly what CD Sainena’s back-up stopper Pedro did in the dying minutes of his side’s Spanish fourth division tie against SD Borja on Sunday.

Only playing due to an injury to first-choice ‘keeper Jorge Zaparain, our Pedro went steaming up for a late corner and duly scored a last-minute equaliser for Sainena with a heroic do-or-die scorpion kick..

The block charged with running Sarinena’s official Twitter account went absolutely berserk!

And who could blame him? Pedro’s marvellous finish even earned ten thumbs-ups from the Scorpion King himself, Mr Rene Higuita…