Just An Illusion: Venezuelan Player Celebrates Goal By Making The Ball ‘Levitate’ In Mid Air (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, October 2015


Photo via Metro

There were freaky scenes in the Venezuelan top flight on Sunday evening shortly after Zamora forward Cesar Martinez came off the bench to open the scoring against Caracas in the 70th minute.

Surrounded by his teammates, Martinez celebrated his goal by appearing to make the ball levitate in mid-air…

Told you it was freaky.


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  1. ToonArmyMilwaukee says:

    So, how exactly did they do THAT?

  2. Jarren says:

    I like the zoomed in part where you can CLEARLY SEE HIS HAND HOLDING THE BALL.


  3. bob says:

    yeah but you can see his hand is way under the ball on the zoomed out picture, i think that zoomed in one is before he moved his hand away…. think is more like he wrapped a string around the ball

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