Modern Football Is Rubbish: Hull City Use Advertising Boards To Tell Fans Which Songs To Sing (Photos)

Chris Wright

23rd, October 2016

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The latest addition to the ‘modern football is rubbish’ canon comes from Hull City, who laid on a catastrophe of nigh-on MLS-esque proportions for yesterday’s home game against Stoke City at the KCOM Stadium.

Sadly, the fans in attendance were subjected to horrors far beyond a 2-0 home defeat when the club started using the interactive advertising hoardings to flash up the lyrics to songs and chants they wanted singing…


Photo: @DUCKmagstoke/Twitter

The problem with scrolling being that every block of fans will be several seconds out of sync with the next. Best not to interfere, really.

According to Twitter, the boards also repeatedly flashed the name ‘Hull Tigers’ too – the aborted corporate name the Allams attempted to force the fans to adopt not so very long ago.

What a palaver.