Football Songs: Deadpan Songwriter Brett Domino Shows Us All How To Create A Hit World Cup Anthem (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, June 2018

The football realm has produced some indisputably excellent anthems over the years.

Unfortunately, for every ‘World In Motion’ there exists a ‘We’re On The Ball’ by Ant & Dec; for every ”Three Lions’ there unfathomably exists James Corden’s appalling bastardisation of Tear for Fears; for every ‘Diamond Lights’, there’s whatever pallid pap FIFA are foisting off as this year’s official World Cup anthem, etc, etc…

Should you be mulling over the idea of having a crack at your very own World Cup song, then we suggest you take note of this excellent songwriter’s guide from Brett Domino.

You may recognise Brett as one half of the Brett Domino Trio, the deadpan musical duo bearing his name.

At the behest of a well-known sports brand (see if you can guess which one), here’s Brett breaking down the very fibre of the football anthem so that he may construct his own with which to assault the upper echelons of the pop charts.

Oh, and it’s perhaps worth nothing at this point that he doesn’t appear to be *that* into football, which just makes the resulting effort all the more on-the-money…

Megaphone? Check. Kettle? Check. Crumpets? Check.

Okay, let’s do this.

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