Robbie Fowler Forced To Apologise Live On Air For Calling Fernando Torres And Jan Vertonghen ‘A Pair Of Girls’ (Video)

Chris Wright

30th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

The BBC was inundated with complaints on Saturday afternoon when, while punditing on the Tottenham-Chelsea game for Final Score, Robbie Fowler described Fernando Torres and Jan Vertonghen as pulling at each other like a pair of girls.”

As per, Twitter was immediately awash with righteous indignation as the complaints flooded in, forcing contrite host Jason Mohammad to apologise before allowing Fowler to personally apologise live on air, saying:

“I made a comment about women’s football. I do apologise. I’m a big, big fan of Liverpool Ladies, who have got a chance of winning the [Women’s Super League] tomorrow and I’ll be watching. Obviously, anyone at home who was offended, I am deeply sorry. Hope that’s the end of that.”

Some of his best friends are women’s football.

As for Torres, word has it that the Chelsea striker is facing a massive four-game ban for his conduct at White Hart Lane: one for the red card and an extra three games lumped on top for scratching Vertonghen’s face like a bit of a girl.

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  1. Joe says:

    Okay, so Torres scratched at Vertonghen like what then, a tiger?

  2. s says:

    Vertonghen got away scot-free?

  3. SteveH says:

    What????!!! Can’t say anything nowadays.
    We all know what he meant FFS.
    The worlds going mad.

  4. fareed says:

    If the referee had seen Torres wilful assault on Vertongen it would have been a straight RED…spurs would have won the game.

  5. Govenor says:

    He was right to apologise. The women’s game acts with more decorum and fair play than the men ever will, no need to tarnish women with the stupid acts these players engage in.

    The world hasn’t gone mad and it’s not PC gone crazy, it’s just about having a level playing field and Pies should have a little more about them than to belittle the apology and people’s outrage.

    You wouldn’t have the same sanctimonious tone if his comment was about the gay community would you?

    Fix up

  6. chris says:

    The BBC are a vile organization who behave like the soviets did in Russia. PC culture is actually deeply rooted in Marxism and is inherently evil.
    They have taken over the police, the supernatural organizations such as the EU and the UN and the British government.
    Now they are going for everyday people in all aspects of life. See the BBC bias blog for an excellent breakdown of what the BBC is –
    Football fans should unite against this.

  7. Inno says:

    Similar to a “INTERNET FURY~~~!!!” over Scottish radio presenter and Daily Record columnist writing a piece in the paper on Saturday that while horrensously OTT and unfunny, was clearly tongue in cheek. The BBC Suspended him from the show on Saturday, and he had to write a grovelling apology in the paper today, and make a donation to a Scottish Women’s Football.

    Too many thin skins about these days.

  8. PeeLee says:

    I was watching the TV when Robbie Fowler made this remark, its foolishness obvious even to its user, surely, so well done that he has apologised. The incidents themselves were worth seeing again and considering in their own terms, none of them being ‘like’ something else at all. Focus on an issue, don’t wander off and distract from the issue.

  9. Del says:

    He made a mistake and he apologised. I don’t think we should make a big deal about it. Water under the bridge.

  10. Herman says:

    Public correctness gone mad.

  11. Sunny says:

    Oh come on ! Leave God alone man! And I absolutely agree with that statement! MAKE ME APOLOGIZE…pfff

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