Which Three Tottenham Players Must Harry Redknapp Sell This Summer?

Ollie Irish

13th, May 2010


By Ollie Irish

You are Tottenham’s weakest links. Goodbye…

Jermaine Jenas: sub par?

A simple hypothesis:

You are Harry ‘Triffic’ Redknapp. After a brilliant season, when you led your team to the Champions League promised land, you naturally sit down and take a good long look at your somewhat bloated squad.

Which three players do you identify as deadwood? Jenas? Sicknote Woodgate? Robbie Keane? Cudicini, the Easy Rider?

Let’s be having you… (and feel free to suggest who Spurs might replace them with)

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  1. Kipp says:

    Robbie K, David B and Carlo C

    I’ll think about who they’ll bring in after seeing who they sell.

  2. Dilly Crump says:

    Pav, Bentley, JJ

  3. dsadsa says:

    bentley bassong PAV

  4. Andy1 says:

    The list writes iself:

    1. Jenas – worst player ever in a Spurs shirt
    2. Defoe – truly a liability, only plays for himself, we need two forwards not one who is easily containable [Carragher blotted him out away to Liverpool] and who can’t play with anyone else [no ‘understanding’ with Crouch]
    3. Huddlestone – not the finished article and never will be, the longer Harry plays him the harder it will be to appreciate that he can’t really cut it.

    Robbie K will go anyway [natural wastage]. For Spurs to step up to C. League level they need to do more than play as a unit with good team spirit – which is Harry’s great contribution and which only Jol, since the 1987 side, seemed to achieve.

  5. eko says:

    out – keane, ohara, jenas

    in – huntlaar, van der vaart, ash young or milner!

  6. black spur says:

    pav bae jj

  7. tony says:

    jj,roman and keane.jj has always showed promise but has rarely produced the goods.roman sometimes ok,sometimes not.his failure to learn english is not in his favour.keane,spurs can do so much better with another player who can think ahead.

  8. YID James says:

    Its simple
    Jenas- He is unreliable in his performances

    Robbie Keane- We don’t need a player who takes his team out on the booze a night before a big game

    I say get Cudicini out and bring in David James as our No2

  9. DaveYid says:

    Just 2/3. JJ and Keane really.
    JJ has scored important goals, but that’s the only time where he makes an impact. If Spurs can smuggle him into Jose Mourinho’s suitcase when he goes to England and then back to Milan, that’d be great xD

  10. Davy41 says:

    Jenas,Keane,Hutton,O’Hara,Pavlychenko oh sorry thats five but still all must go and Taraabt and Dos Santos now thats seven oh hell .More to the point who should we buy to replace as we all know who he should sell.

  11. Russ says:

    I think most people would agree that Bentley is the first out the door; despite his enthusiastic pants dancing.
    Jenas seems the obvious second choice; as for the third, a little harder – although it pains me to say it may be time for Keane to move on…

  12. Soonago says:

    JENAS, HUTTON, KEANE, GIO,Taraabt,Alnwick,…at a push O’Hara,Naughton, PAV,I agree with Davy41…and then replace them with less players but better quality!

  13. Cornishyid says:

    Get rid of Jenas, Pav(only for a good price), possibly Woodgate unless he takes a wage drop, Cuidicini. Also the loanees Keane O’Hara and Hutton need to be offloaded as they recoup much needed cash flow for the club.
    I know thats more than 3 but there is still some dead wood at the lane.
    Players in. I think David James as 2nd choice Gk, Gallas (extremely controversial but could do a job at LB and CB cover when the King is rested) Joe Cole would cover across the middle plus if he came could lose Bentley too, big wages but no fee. Bellamy perhaps as he still has the raw pace to worry teams and could cover LW and Defoe slot(could Harry handle his attitude?) And then a world class striker but where do u find one of those??? Perhaps Huntelaar? Luis Fabiano?

  14. amro says:

    Jenas, Keane, Taraabt

  15. juxta says:

    Defoe, Pav, Bentley – a step up in replacements is badly needed especially with our one-trick/dimensional strikers.

  16. mrp says:

    JJ, Keane and Pav at the very least – not going to get much for JJ, but the way Keane and Pav played during the last few months of the season should get them some more cash compared to what they would have gotten for them at the jan transfer window

  17. ollie k says:

    Stop giving the lads a hard time. Theyve all done really well and contributed to a fantastic season. The only reason we are where we are is that we are a team – so lets keep it that way and add some quality. No one deserves to go becasue they can all do a job but if jenas leaves i wouldn’t be crying. Everyone else i hope stays. Keane scored 4 at burnley before leaving and 16 goals in 19 games is really impressive for celtic. We wouldn’t be in the CL if it weren’t for some of pavs crucial goals and we definately wouldn’t be in it if not for defoe, who everyone was saying is the best finisher in europe a couple of months ago. I think bentley has worked really hard and is more than adequate back up for lennon and can add an extra dimension with his crossing and free-kicks. As for the idiots who are saying huddlestone isn’t good enough – well i think he’s been our best player this season. Consistent, hard working, one of the best passers in the league, has learnt to press and tackle, has had great stamina this season and has a fearful shot. Also bae is incredible. So consistent, can get forward, great in the air, good tackler, everything you want in a full-back

  18. Mungus says:

    I know this is more than 3 but, definitely get rid of:
    JJ (£4-5m) – only rare glimpses of any quality
    Hutton (£3-4m)- Not settled
    Keane (£6-7m) – past it (not a team player)
    Tarrabt £1m – not good enough
    O’hara (£4m)- (unfortunately) destined to be a v good squad player only
    Gio (£3m)- (after WC when hopefully his value will go up)

    Then also:-
    Cudicini out (free) – if James comes in
    Pav out (£9m)- if/when TOP quality striker comes in
    Bentley out (£7m)- if Cole + Bellamy comes in

    Top Quality Striker (£20m) – Huntelaar/Fabiano/an other
    Bellamy (£7-9m)- Cover left wing + striker
    J Cole (Free) – Cover both wings
    James (Free)

    We are then massively in pocket, better quality, cover move positions and can push on in league (finish above the Arse) and CL.


  19. JayTheYid says:


    2.Micah Richards
    5.Joe Hart

  20. Ty says:

    Jenas- This one is obvious. He cant get in the squad as we have enough in CM right now. Too inconsistent.

    Hutton- Not needed. Kaboul is better (out of position) at RB than Hutton anyway.

    Cudicini- Long term injury problems. Gomez has made the #1 his so we should do fine with one of the younger GKs in reserve.

    Despite what some are saying I think we need to retain Keane as we provides that extra dimension to the strike force that we desperately need. Keane also deserves to be in the CL and we will need all 4 strikers for depth next season. If GDS has a good World Cup this summer then we should be able to get decent money for him. Keep O’Hara!

  21. DaveYid says:

    Ty: Keane may deserve to be in the CL, but he won’t deserve his place if he doesn’t score. Remember, he has scored in the Scottish Premier League, admittedly not up to the same standard as the Premier League unless you think Celtic and Rangers are the only two clubs competing in it.

    I wish Keane would return to the form of what he once was at Spurs.

  22. n1 spurs says:

    SELL hutton and o’hara 10 million jenas 8m keane 8m pav 10m tarrabt and gio 4m = 40m
    BUY fabiano 18m huntelaar 15m diarra 15m defender 10m james free = 58m
    LEVY would have to put in the extra 18m

  23. JayTheYid says:

    6. Joe Cole

  24. Crazymessedupdude says:

    Luca Modric, Gareth Bale & Ledley King.

    Replace with O’Hara, Gunter , Rocha.

    It’s crazy, but you just know it makes sense. We need to go backwards NOT forwards. I am hoping for 2 points from 8 games and a new manager by September (Hopefully Ramos will come back..if not give it to Pleat)

    I miss my old underachieving Spurs !!!

  25. IOANX says:

    OUT: Jenas, Keane, Taraabt, Alnwick, Pav, Santos, Hutton
    Eventually OUT: Corluka, BAE, Hud, Defoe, Crouch, Bentley and Modric

    IN: Jecko/Fabiano/Huntelaar/Suarez, a right and a left back, a second keeper, a scoring midfielder (event. Joe Cole) and eventually a high class CB (plus Sandro).

  26. cornishyido says:

    the first 2 are easy JENAS never fulfilled his expectations,playboy BENTLEY, but the 3rd one is not so easy i would have to say BAE cannot defend. But could make a case for about 6/8 others including KEANE&PAV

  27. Greavsy18 says:

    1. Jermain Jenas : Mostly for his own sake, he will never reach
    the potential ,we’ve been told he has, at Spurs.
    2. Alan Hutton : I think he’s a good player, and if we didn’t have
    Corluka, Kaboul, Walker, Naughton I would love to
    keep him, but like Jenas, he should be 1st choice for
    a midtable club, rather than benchwarmer for us.
    3. Robbie Keane : I used to love him, before he went of to L’pool, but
    when he came back, he was a awful at his best, and
    never showed us on the pitch that “Spurs had a huge
    piece of his heart”

    4. (Iknow it said 3….) PETER CROUCH..I think he’s been AWFUL all year..Zero ball control, Terrible in the air (yes he is…) and apart from that goal against City (witch I’ll allways be greatful for,thank
    you) it usually looks like he’s on the other team….
    Cudicini: I don’t think he’ll be back as goalkeeper again. To
    bad, cause he was a fantastic number 2, and we couldn’t possibly offload him unless he f.ex. wasnted to go back to Italy or something.

    Bentley: I would keep him, if he’s OK beeing cover for Lennon, but If we bring back Gio, I’d rather see them using him as cover, and sell Bentley, Think we could actualy get a pretty penny for him now, ’cause he’s been pretty good latley.

    ATTACKERS IN FRONT OF GOAL, leave you ego at home, winning games is more important than you getting the top goalscorer of the season..

  28. Matt says:

    Bentley, Jenas, Keane well Pav, Carlo as well

  29. SammyNash says:

    Some odd names suggested for out.. But for me..

    Out: Defoe, Bentley, Jenas, Alnwick..
    Quality players but jus not good enuf fr Spurs..

    In: World class striker like Fabiano, Young CB, Backup Goalie, N backup LB..

  30. Superspur says:

    1. Jenas – Simply adds nothing to the team and constantly goes missing during games
    2. Assou Ekotto – He has been caught out time and time again ball watching and is not a world class left back
    3. Pavlychenko – Needed to be sold to raise funds for a decent 20 goals plus a season world class striker

    You can also add to the list O’hara,Cudicini, Alnwick, Hutton, Taraabt and Dos Santos.

  31. Raj K says:

    JENAS 9
    O’HARA 9
    HUTTON 7
    BENTLEY 14
    = 66m


    Carrick 14m
    Gerrard 27m
    Carew 10m
    J.cole Free

  32. Del Boy says:

    Harry needs to clean out the dead wood players. The players that needs to go are Woodgate, Keane, Di Santos, Taraabt, Hutton, Dervite, Bentley. It would be good to see Harry promote a few of the kids from the youth team as they would have the desire and motivation to play for the shirt, although they may lack a bit of experience.

    We have produced Ledley King from our ranks, I am sure there is another waiting to come through as well, given the chance.

    Yid Army.

  33. otherland says:

    We have to find buyers for all these players that wont be as easy as people think. Also buying top players will not be that easy either even tho we have champions league football, we might suffer in the league and top players wont want to be struggling at league level. I think two players harry will go for are Lassana Diarra at madrid or/and Sulley Muntari at Inter which indicates maybe Jenas leaves. We have enough defenders probably, enough strikers probably its experience and strength in the middle we lack.

  34. Iank78 says:

    Out :- Bentley, Woodgate, Pav, Hutton, Keane, Jenas or O’hara.
    In :- Kjaer, Diarra, Lukaku, Huntelaar, Young keeper, someone to pressure Lennon

  35. Danny Losty says:

    None of our 5 strikers are up to it,, they are only squad players. Get in 2 world class strikers. Jenas and Hudd not up to it either. Pinnear from Everton was mentioned, why not Tim Cahill as well? Hes the nearest thing to Lampard in the Prem.

    We need to get rid of more than 3 to make the next step up…

  36. muyuz says:

    am a spurs fan since 98 to be honest am zambian most pips in my country are suprised when tell tell em that am a spurs fan the fact is i dont understand wy every body haz da ballz to judje which player we shud sell consider everyone we got hit top form wen fit jenas 4 example had bad ijury problem but world class given de fact that we top 4 that got 2 motivate him even o,hara wants 2 pla 4 da spurs even me coz i gav upn futbol 4 years ago but i was in engy(hatfield) studin lets not get carried away we ev got som obsticals our way so lets not speculet support da the boys and let move foward for the record giego forlan is world class why not give him a chance mack spurs fan alwayz zambia 1

  37. Jimmyg says:

    I would say at least 10 posters on here are not Spurs supporters.

    And at least one glory hunter “Jenas the worst player to wear a Spurs shirt” ok mate if you say so.

    All the senior players on loan go – Jenas, Sandro is coming.

    We need to sign a leader a Roy Keane type leader, but they are pretty thin on the ground and a top class striker.

    Defoe needs to take a long look in the mirror.

    Oh and the bloke who said BAE?? obviously hasn’t seen him play.

  38. goodspurs says:

    I can’t believe people are slating bae he’s been immense these past 2 seasons and as for bentley he’s really turned himself around this season – hcie can still be a show pony at times but his work rate is great, good back up for Aaron.
    We’ve got where we are because of a great team spirit, what would be the point of getting rid of some of our starting XI. Then bring in new players who would need time to gel and once again we fail to impress in the 1st part of next season and some people would start calling for harrys head.
    We only need to get rid of the benchwarmers and loanees – jj, Carlo, Hutton, keane, o hara, gio, taraabt.


  39. BigChiv says:

    I agree with jimmyg., especially about Benoit. He is better defensively than Bale, so we need to keep him.

    It pains me to say that we need to move Keane on, and Jenas. I trust our upwardly mobile team are better than what they can now give us. They will be fondly remembered.

    Apart from most of those on loan, I’d say bye bye Bentley. He’s been decent this season, and surely he’s not close to challenging Lennon for a first team spot.

    And either Pav or Defoe to go. I like them both, but I think they are both a bit streaky. We need a consistent plunderer. Keep Crouch because he’s so unique.

    To come in:
    – James would be lovely to have as back up to Gomez.
    – I dream Joe Cole coming, but don’t see it. Milner won’t be coming either. It’s possible we have enough strength in depth.
    – Defensively, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for those we have to keep fit. I certainly don’t want Gallas. Kaboul seemed to do a great job at RB to the point where I’d suggest Corluka is HIS back-up.

    Now, up front really is where we need to strengthen. Apparently more of our players contributed goals than any other in the PL, but if we could get someone up front we have a bit more faith in… not sure who though. Of all those likely to come (no point in thinking of Torres/Villa) Van Der Vaart or Huntelaar seem the best, but in Harry I trust.

    I just hope we don’t get Ajax/Jol in the NCQ4


  40. yeah says:

    I would definitely get rid of Gudjohnsenn – slowest player in the team..

  41. Geoff Brodie says:

    Some of these postings are absolutely ridiculous. And I agree with other who have said that are either not Spurs supporters, haven’t watched a game all season, or know f*$# all about football. Completely flabbergasted by certain criticisms of BAE, Defoe, and Crouchy. BAE works hard on both sides of the pitch and has developed a decent and fluid understanding with his teammates on the pitch. The one who said Crouchy has no ball control or touch is clearly a fool or has never seen him play. Regarding complaints that Defoe is inconsistent…he is a striker, for God’s sake! In this age, if a forward doesn’t score every game he is labeled as “inconsistent” or “in a slump.” Rubbish.

    Jenas is the first to go. As others have said, all have seen glimpses of his “promise”, but he’s just not good enough and has become dead weight. Personally, I don’t like his attitude. Far too arrogant for a bench warmer. We should sell him while he’s still worth something.

    Woodgate could be finished with football entirely, but either way he should be out the door. I feel for him, but he’s just too injury prone. Cucicini falls in the same category.

    Our loaners Hutton and O’Hara are both talented, but will probably go. However, I think we should keep O’Hara and ditch Bentley.

    Regarding Keano, I think he should be given another shot in first team, as he definitely deserves to get a CL run out. But if he continues to under perform we should sell him come January.

  42. ibrahim says:

    should sell keane hutton o’hara and tarrabt sell him for 20 or 25 million in and buy falcau or fabiano as a replacement for keane and sign gudjohnsen on permenant and bring new centreback maybe simon kajaer

  43. Anonymous says:

    Bentley if we can get any cash for him?? if not keep him as a bit player!
    Definitely woodgate, he is just collecting money for nothign eh will never play a full season for spurs.

  44. Keith South Africa says:

    I’m a South African who watches International football all the time. Most of the guys who gave their opinion on who must go, knows F@%ckall about the great game (and they have the privilege to watch it every week). The guy who I agree must go is JJ. Our most consistent and I think player of the year for Spurs is Gareth Bale. By the way, except for my own country, I support England and Brazil in the 2010 World Cup!

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