Are you not entertained!? Eric Dier signs new Tottenham contract

Ollie Irish

21st, July 2020


“Are you looking for a one- or two-bed flat?”

Spurs teased Eric Dier’s new contract (until 2024) in a series of Twitter videos that made him look like a cross between a high-end estate agent and a cruise ship hypnotist:

It’s not earth-shattering news but Spurs fans can’t be mad. Dier lost his way in the last couple of seasons but he is the prototypical Mourinho player, i.e. a big, versatile bastard, so he may yet thrive in the next phase of his career. What is a concern is that he’s just 26 years old but so immobile – it’s very noticeable from the clips in that last tweet how much faster and more athletic he was in his early Tottenham days.

And damn, the man has a dull voice. It’s like listening to paint dry.

No matter what he does next though, we’ll always have his tackle on Sergio Ramos, a truly cathartic moment for many fans: