Mourinho: ‘Good guys never win, so f**king hell, be a c**t’

Ollie Irish

7th, September 2020

Everyone: “Lads, it’s Tottenham.”

Jose: “No problem. I turn good guys into c**ts.”

Last week I watched the first three episodes of Amazon’s ‘All Or Nothing’ documentary on Spurs and I was left disappointed with Jose Mourinho. He seemed a little lost, fragile even – less the charismatic, ruthless monster I expected and more David Brent with a thick Portuguese accent and lilac padded coat.

Jose’s half-time talks were banal, frankly. In one-on-ones with players, he was pure cringe, especially when he patronised Dele Alli. And when he put Eric Dier in the starting XI just to be nice to him after he’d hauled him off DURING the first half of a previous game, I thought, this is not what peak Mourinho would have done. It felt like he was trying too hard to present a different, more benign version of himself as he settled in.

But this clip reveals the Mourinho I imagined: a puckish, dastardly caricature whose sole aim in football is to win. If in doubt, be a c**t.

Spurs would go on to to win this game at home against Man City, 2-0. Zinchenko got a second yellow in the second half. Make of that what you will.

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