Mourinho: Gareth Bale had psychological scars

Ollie Irish

8th, March 2021

Spurs head coach Jose Mourinho says that Gareth Bale has recovered from the ‘psychological scars’ of previous injuries.

Bale was outstanding in Spurs’ 4-1 win over Crystal Palace on Sunday (highlights below), continuing his recent good form. He looks fit and hungry for the first time in years.

When asked about Bale’s return to form, Jose said:

“I found psychological scars. When you have a couple of seasons with lots of injuries I think it is not about the muscular scars but the psychological scars, that brings fears and instability.

“There is a moment when you are working very well and everyone around you is giving everything we can give, there is a moment where that psychological barrier has to be broken. And he broke it. It was him, not us. We just supported him.”

We just supported him. How might that have looked, I wonder…

“Gareth, take a seat in my Batman gaming chair. It feels good, trust me.”

I confess, I thought Bale was done. Neither did I think that Mourinho would be the one to oversee a Bale renaissance. I’m happy to be proved wrong, because watching Harry Kane and Bale rip apart Palace’s defence was super sweet.

Spurs 4-1 Palace highlights:

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