Birmingham City waste £6m on Mido


20th, July 2007


Seriously, is Mido worth six million pence, let alone six million quid? That’s a lot of money for a player who I would best describe as ‘mercurial’ (ie. wildly inconsistent, overweight and lazy). Spurs must be loving this deal. According to the Beeb, Blues boss Steve Bruce has also made an enquiry about Mido’s Egypt and Spurs team-mate, Hossam Ghaly. Hmm, if Mido is the second-worst player at Spurs, then Ghaly is the worst. Spurs fans would be absolutely delighted to offload both Mido and Ghaly to a Premiership rival. Cheers Brucey. [Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. joe says:

    I wouldn’t let that cunt on my five-a-side team!

  2. oniman says:

    Ghaly is dreadful, but i feel a lot of people are basing their opionions on Mido based on last season when he was 4th choice striker.
    He was 2nd top scorer for Spurs season before and in general did pretty well. He knows them prem, and will be 1st choice for brum.