Ruud van Nistelrooy walks away from Oranje


23rd, January 2007


There are two things that are pretty much unaminous when talking about Ruud van Nistelrooy. One, that he is a fantastic goalscorer. Two, he’s annoying and stroppy. Well, he’s furthered his mardy credentials further by mewing out of the Holland side.

Ruud Rum has told Dutch national coach Marco van Basten that he is no longer available for the national team.
The Real striker has not featured at international level since last summer’s World Cup and this announcement will come as a blow to van Basten, who thought he had built some bridges with the former Manchester United hitman. However, van Basten could not guarantee Ruud a starting slot which has caused communications between the two to break down.

"[It is] disappointing, I always played for Oranje with much pleasure
and I would have liked to continue to do that," said van Nistelrooy in
a statement.
Van Basten said: "We [himself and assistant John van’t Schip] have had
a good conversation [with Van Nistelrooy] in Madrid about the
cooperation over the past year. We ironed out some folds. And with that there was a base to eventually
come together again."
Van Basten told van Nistelrooy he could not guarantee him a starting
place in the side.
"We have told Ruud when he asked us about this, that the situation
about his position is no longer the same as a year ago. In 2006, we saw other candidates for the striking position. That is why he should be prepared to compete with the others. We
cannot guarantee him a starting place. That would be not be fair to the
other candidates for the position."

However, Van Nistelrooy debated this and said: "I did not specifically ask for a place in the
side, but I did want to have the feeling that I would be a candidate
for that. I did not get that feeling. That is why I don’t see the conditions to
give a good performance. No-one benefits from frustration. That’s why
this was a difficult but correct decision." Surely van Nistelrooy is being a big baby? Anyone who has any pride playing for their national side will surely expect to fight for a place in the starting line-up? [Mof Gimmers]

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  1. joe says:

    The Dutch are legendary for their infighting, I guess this is the latest example. Such a shame they should have won at least one world cup with all the talent that they had between the 80s and today.

  2. Adz says:

    Agree with Joe. Just what is it that makes Dutch strikers chuck their toys out the pram with such frequency? Remember van Hoojidonk?

  3. Anonymous says:

    holland can’t work with out ruud van nistelrooy because he is the best striker i ever seen in holland except dennis berckam.