‘He Did Everything Except Play Football’ – Roberto Carlos Warns Chelsea That Samuel Eto’o Was ‘Damaging’ Presence At Anzhi

Chris Wright

12th, September 2013


By Chris Wright

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“You’re great and imma let you finish…”

It’s fairly common knowledge in footballing circles that Samuel Eto’o is a bit of a self-centred dick with a long history of falling out with anybody and everybody who has refused to hold him in as high stead as he holds himself, though it’s fairly rare that his former colleagues have openly warned against his toxic ego.

However, that’s exactly what former Anzhi Macaroniandcheese left-back and sporting director Roberto Carlos has done, indirectly warning Eto’o’s latest employers, Chelsea, about just how ridiculously integral the 32-year-old Cameroonian striker deems himself to be.

In an interview with Brazilian newspaper Globo, Carlos (who is now sporting director at Sivasspor in Turkey) explained the detrimental effect that Eto’o’s gargantuan self-importance had on the Anzhi squad:

“I’ve known Eto’o since I was 16, and from that time on he’s always been a good guy who I’ve liked a lot. He’s a good person, but there a part of him that thinks ‘I, and not the group’, which is really damaging.

“When a footballer, instead of playing, is interested in signing players who are his friends…it’s confusing and strange. He did everything at Anzhi, except play football.”

“I came to the club and in my first year we finished in the top five. We managed to professionalise the team. In the second year, we signed Eto’o and I had control of the team – I organised the players and worked with the coach. I put Anzhi among the best.

“With the arrival of Eto’o, with the values of everyone involved, I had some little problems in the dressing room and had to talk to the Russian players and explain why Eto’o was there.

“However, a moment arrived when Eto’o thought to interfere with my work, to control the club, taking my position and that of Guus [Hiddink, Anzhi’s then-coach].

“We talked about one thing, and then he went to the players and talked about another. That stressed me out and I warned that I would pack my bags and go.

“No one believed me because I had a four-year contract. But then I called Anzhi and came to an agreement.”

Nothing we (and Jose Mourinho) didn’t already know. That said, Eto’o will still have to go some distance to out-ego trip the high command at Chelsea. A couple of hours in JT’s windowless bunker dungeon at Cobham and a couple of snooker balls in a sock should be enough to straighten out any Johnny-come-lately.

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  1. One Man Went to Mow says:

    Didn’t seem to have those problems at Inter, must’ve been a genius coach to tame such an unruly ego maniac.

  2. Toz says:

    You know Chris, if you spent just as much time checking your spelling as you do making up stupid names for clubs you can’t bloody check how to spell, perhaps, you wouldn’t be such an asspie.

    Next time just google Anzhi and copy and paste the name: Makhachkala.

    Not fucking hard, same goes with any foreign player whose name you can’t be arsed to check. Or am I just mistaking your xenophobia for stupidity?

  3. Chris says:


  4. Nuno says:

    @Toz Ermmmm, I would say you are mistaking YOUR stupidity for xenophobia, but nobody forced you to read this site… Makhachbonvoyage to you Sir

  5. Anonymous says:

    he’s caricaturing the name on purpose man…it’s a fucking joke! if you don’t have a sense of humor then you must be pissed off every time you’re on the internet!

  6. with the left and the right says:

    he’s caricaturing the name on purpose man…its a fucking joke! if you sense of humor is this non-existent then how you must be pissed-off every time you use the internet.

  7. Glenn says:

    @toz If you spent more time checking your grammar than trolling websites, maybe your opening sentence would have made sense rather than making you look like a hypocritical idiot.
    Besides, I’m intrigued as to how a 16 year-old Brazilian Carlos and an 8 year-old Cameroonian Eto’o came to know each other.

  8. JP says:


    Dude. You suck.

  9. GeordieRover says:

    Anzhi Macaroniandcheese … pure genius!

    @Glenn Eto’o was at Real the same time Carlos was

  10. Glenn says:

    My point is that Carlos said “I’ve known Eto’o since I was 16″. Carlos is 40, Eto’o is 32, that would have made Eto’o 8 at that time. Besides, Carlos didn’t join Madrid until he was in his mid 20’s

  11. Glenn says:

    A quick look on wiki tells me that Eto’o joined Madrid at 16, which leads me to believe it was a mistranslation and that he meant “I’ve known Eto’o since HE was 16″

  12. Peters says:

    Nothing wrong with 16 yr old brazlians hanging out with Cameroonian pre-teens.. right?

  13. Jarren says:

    Anzhi Makatonchat has probably never been uttered.

    However, if you’re into early 80’s Minimal New Wave Synth Pop you should definitely check out Makaton Chat.

    Just tell them* Jarren sent you.

    *”them” being the voices in your head

  14. KingB3113 says:

    “No one believed me because I had a four-year contract.” What does that mean?

  15. R Carlos says:

    @Peters hahahahaha

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