Riot police escort Brazilian coach from game

Ollie Irish

20th, June 2007

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If Jose Mourinho decides he is going to kick off on the referee we see plenty of hand-gesturing, plenty of sulking and, usually, the Special One dispatched to the stands. In Brazil, however, they needed riot police to escort America coach Lori Sandri off the pitch after one of his players was sent off for elbowing an opponent. All hell then breaks lose as the coach is handcuffed and his players end up scrapping it out with the coppers!

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1 Comment

  1. daniel the cuban says:

    First off, great site, thanks for the info and vids. Now, about this incident, the coach was handcuffed and taken to a police station inside the stadium. Most of the major stadiums, I am pretty sure all in the Braslian “A” have them, have a special jail and court house somewhere in them, I figure Europe does the same. They use it to speed up the legal process, you get booked and arraigned and are either escorted from the stadium or taken to a “real” jail depending on the circumstances (perhaps the person in question committed a serious assualt or is wanted for other crimes). The coach was released but must reappear for the charge of “assault on public order”, something like that, I cannot remember it right now. His hearing is sometime in July, they scheduled it when the team is in Recife, the city where it happened, to play the other team from that city. I did not see it live, I was listening to the radio, and the radio made it seem like World War III had broken out.