‘PSG Are Holding Him Prisoner’ – Adrien Rabiot’s Mother/Agent Makes Heart-Wrenching Plea For Son’s Release From Gilded Gulag

Chris Wright

20th, March 2019


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In the wake of his reported suspension by PSG, Adrien Rabiot has done his bratty image precisely zero favours by having his sob story writ large by his mother.

The Ligue 1 champions supposedly banned Rabiot from the premises earlier this week after the midfielder ‘liked’ a post on Instagram celebrating PSG’s Champions League elimination against Manchester United, and was then spotted in a nightclub shortly after the aforementioned game.

The 23-year-old hasn’t been included in a matchday squad since the turn of 2019 due to the squabble, with PSG making a point of blocking his attempts to leave the club on a free transfer in January.

Now, with an impasse well and truly arrived at, Veronique Rabiot, the player’s mum/agent, has laid it on thick in an interview with L’Equipe in which she claimed her son is being held a “hostage” inside PSG’s gilded gulag.

Adrien is a prisoner. He is a hostage at PSG. Soon it will be dry bread, water and a dungeon! This environment is cruel.

A footballer is made to play, not to stay in the closet. Adrien has not played since December, and probably until June.

Brought back to a professional career, six months is huge! He is taken hostage because he does not want to re-sign while he is only respecting his contract.

Adrien asks only that: to respect his contract.

She continued:

I do not want to cry about it, or to weaken Adrien even more by saying he is not good. We are attacking the human side here.

We are modest. I can only tell you that he feels very badly [about] everything that has happened.

Alright, easy now. Something tells us your darling boy will be alright in the long run and that his dungeon, while isolated, is still fairly plush. He’s hardly Terry Waite. It’s just the overwrought Cristiano Ronaldo ‘slave’ bullsh*t all over again. There’s truly nothing new in football.

However, Rabiot’s hopelessly tumultuous off-pitch arrangement is likely to have made several potential suitors think twice about getting involved.