The Snapshot Special: England 6-1 Argentina, Women’s World Cup in China


17th, September 2007


Pies presents a Snapshot special to celebrate England’s 6-1 thrashing of Argentina in the Women’s World Cup. Our plucky girls have yet to taste defeat in the tournament – today’s win against Argentina followed draws with Japan and favourites Germany – but they face a very tough quarter-final showdown against the winners of Group B, which will almost certainly be the United States. That said, the might of Germany couldn’t score against us, so who knows how far they could go.

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  1. Olly says:

    If only the mens team could beat Argentina 6-1! Even a draw with Germany would be a result

  2. Murfmensch says:

    My hometown is to be one of seven (Saint Louis) in a US pro women’s team coming up in 2009. I hope these players don’t sign long-term contracts.
    The women’s game is great. One reason is that very tall women athletes are scooped up by the WNBA. This reduces the number of zero goal team performances.

  3. BOHICA says:

    Too bad the Mens side couldn’t thrash your bloody arses the way the Gals certainly will.

  4. xorg says:

    It’s nice that you referred to the women’s team as ‘us’.

  5. AnnaWaits says:

    Really great match. Well, for us.. not for neutrals or, you know, Argentina. But I enjoyed it…