Pedro Santana Lopes, former Prime Minister of Portugal, is interrupted by news of Jose Mourinho’s return


28th, September 2007


Dr Lopes is not happy when he’s being interviewed for Portguguese TV and the interview is interrupted by footage of Jose Mourinho returning to his homeland. Lopes, who was Prime Minister of Portugal from 2004-2005, bemoans the fact that such news would be deemed more important than him, and ends the interview. Good old Jose, still managing to wind up people without even trying…

Any translation welcome!

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  1. Rob P says:

    Apparently he said: “Do you think this justifies [the interruption]? This country is going crazy. I am not going ahead with the interview. People have to learn”

  2. jorge says:

    the most amazing part is just near the end, when the newswoman turns to him (indeed a short-lived but still former Portuguese prime-minister) and says: “well, i’m sorry for the interruption but you do realize that José Mourinho is an important person in our country”…now that takes a woman with balls…
    I for once agree with him (yeah, for once, sinec I don’t really like the prick). the country is going mad with Mourinho, his news open newscasts and there are live interviews with everyone and anyone about him…makes major Portuguese networks look like local channels in the US…

  3. Ricardo says:

    Well, being a known playboy himself, Santana Lopes was jealous as hell of Mourinho’s getting all the girl’s attentions.
    That was the final drop in the glass…