Darren Campbell teaches Shevchenko how to run – will he ever get back to his best?

Ollie Irish

26th, October 2007


75417670.jpgIt seems they’ve tried everything but bionic body parts to try and restore Andriy Shevchenko to his former glory at Stamford Bridge – including enlisting the help of former sprint athlete, Darren Campbell, to remind him how to run.
The double Olympic medal winner has been working with the striker both at the training ground and at home to help him regain the sharpness, especially in short bursts, that’s been missing since he left AC Milan – which is good of Campbell considering he’s a lifelong Man United fan.
Avram Grant insists that Shevchenko is still part of his plans, although he’s only made two starts since the new manager took charge and Drogba’s recent form (on the pitch at least) hasn’t made things any easier.
Can Campbell teach an old dog new tricks or have Shevchenko’s legs simply just gone – will he ever be the player he once was?