Who’s the perfect Number 10?

Ollie Irish

9th, November 2007


The Number 10 Shirt has become an icon of the game – often reserved for a special breed of playmakers from Pele to Ronaldinho.
We’re not sure if it carries any special powers but it’s the number that everyone wants on their back – just ask Wayne Rooney who was awarded the Number 10 at Old Trafford this season. Argentina even attempted to retire the jersey in homage of Maradona after he retired from football, although FIFA rejected the request.
With so many greats wearing the shirt, the question of who it fits best is a difficult one but we’re sure you’ve got an opinion – click through to vote from our top ten players to don the shirt

Let us know if there are any other Number 10s that should have make the list

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  1. Anonymous says:

    has to be zizou he is the complete player and hes won every major trophy he possibly could have…
    defensively hes sound and attacking he is just out of this world…

  2. dan says:

    has to be zizou he is the complete player and hes won every major trophy he possibly could have…
    defensively hes sound and attacking he is just out of this world…

  3. OmegaSupreme says:

    I love Zizou but it has to be Maradona, study the footage in detail like I do, he was the best.

  4. Zekky says:

    Surely William Gallas!!!!!

  5. James says:

    All quality but the likes of rooney and ronaldinho still have time to improve. So i’ld go for zidane or bergkamp, just for their moments of brilliance.

  6. Peter says:

    You all gone mad it’s PELE for sure, he had pace, strength and a great fighting spirit unlike maradona who was good but cheated, took drugs and ate and drank too much. It has to be Pele than zidane, bergkamp and maradona.

  7. bob says:

    why the f**k is rooney there he does not deserve to be in the same list where players like pele, maradonna, bergkamp, zidane etc. are mentioned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Peter says:

    Damn right Bob, rooney’s only had the number 10 shirt for 12 games and he’s being described alongside Pele, Bergkamp and Maradona.DISGRACE
    Also surely someone like Van Nistelrooy and raul should be mentioned seeing as Rooney’s in.

  9. Miguel says:

    There is no one better than Maradona at being a true #10.
    Pele was more of a goal scorer than a play maker, therefore not a true #10.
    Zizou was great, but Maradona was the best there was, at least at being a true #10.
    Zizou also had a better team around him (so did Pele). He didn’t win the world cup the way Maradona did, and of course, didn’t score the greatest goal in world cups ever. The second best goal is the one by Carlos Alberto (assisted by Pele, but that was more of a team effort).
    Zico, another true # 10 would be a closer comparison to Maradona. He was another player that brought magic to the game.
    As far a Rooney goes, he is not even the best #10 in his team,Tevez is. Tevez holds the ball better and creates more spaces for his team mates. He also has a better (magic) touch than Rooney.

  10. Miguel says:

    Anyone can wear #10, but not everyone is a #10. William Gallas (and Rooney), as posted previously, is a prime example.

  11. Ed says:

    ok, how is totti leading the polls? ahead of maradona and zidane? really?

  12. Winston HD says:

    Totti, Totti, Totti
    Zidane, only thing that does not allow him to be one of best 3 players ever is his lack of pace.

  13. Winston HD says:

    Zidane is a poor man’s Pirlo, also Totti=best ever? I think so.

  14. Wayne Rooney says:

    Why am i on this list like? Totti is so much better than me like.

  15. Pele says:

    Sure i was good? But was i Totti good? Surely not! That’s why my vote went to Francesco Totti, the best player of all time.

  16. Dennis Bergkamp says:

    Man i could thread a fine ball in my time, but no Totti style. Totti=the best footballer of all time. > zidane+pele+maradona.

  17. Louwrens says:

    38% of pies reader think TOTTI is better than maradona, pele, ronaldinho and zidane.
    something has gone very wrong with this world

  18. Ritch says:

    Would the over eager Italian step away from the mouse – it’s f*cking with the figures and he was sh*t in the World Cup anyway…just let it go.
    Ritch, Pies writer

  19. sawani says:

    if totti wins this, pies loses major credibility and its easily maradona hands down.

  20. JProenca says:

    I think it’s because you can vote several times… =( some funny guy who loves totti =P

  21. Murfmensch says:

    My favorite #10 is Spurs’ Robbie Keane but there may be reasons to opt for Pele.

  22. dan says:

    although pele was an absolute star and dont get me wrong im not degrading him but he has not been at the highest of highs in terms of club level like zidane and maradona had…but zidane has done everything, won everything and scored the best goal in a champions league final i have ever seen…his awareness, vision, ability to create something out of nothing is why he was the best…

  23. Colin Kazim-Richards says:

    Totti and Bergkamp ahead of Pele?
    Wayne Rooney level with Puskas?
    This little microcosm that we call Pies has finally and well and truly gone bananas! Next will a campaign to get Thomas Gravensen on the list!

  24. Chringle says:


  25. Bcat says:


  26. Pat says:

    Maradona sucks Zidane rules no wonder he’s winning by more than double the votes

  27. Peter says:

    If bergkamp had ever won a world cup he would be considered, but he never reached his full potential due too poor team mates around him. However Bergkamp is the best ever player. EVER. Better than Pele, Totti and Maradona and especially zidane.

  28. Nicky S says:

    Some of the comments here are laughable, so much for reasonable or intelligent debate. Makes one wonder how people go to school and still come out this clueless.

  29. Mr Blackett says:

    Anyone else thinks this is comparing apples with pears? The performance of a Ferrari from the 60’s doesn’t compare with the performance of a Ferrari made today. It’s still a fucking Ferrari.

  30. Nolan says:

    How could you forget Rivaldo? Everything Ronaldinho did Rivaldo did first, and better.

  31. Andrew II says:

    Seriously, how can anyone not vote Maradona?! Surely we’re not still bitter about that handball?

  32. Anonymous says:

    great shout by nolan. rivaldo is a must for the list but my vote is for zidane. simply because i saw him play for almost a decade and he was brillant to watch. unbelievable footballer. Rooney should not be in the list, typical english heroism. he isnt that good!!!!!!

  33. Kaya says:

    Et voila!
    Rooney? You must be kidding… He’s not even a “number 10”, though some people don’t seem to know what that means anyway.

  34. Your Mother says:

    Totti is shit.. period

  35. Zekky says:

    Gallas was clearly a joke.
    Totti is trash…guy does the disappearing act for the national team. Great club player but virtually non-existent when it comes to national games…and for that reason he is not the best #10.

  36. Zekky says:

    Gallas was clearly a joke.
    Totti is trash…guy does the disappearing act for the national team. Great club player but virtually non-existent when it comes to national games…and for that reason he is not the best #10.

  37. dan says:

    zizou or pele. maradona is not even deserve to be there. he scored with his hand. why everybody seems to ignore that?

  38. Chris says:

    The official list, according to a wonderful book that everyone should read (Pies, get on it!):
    You could do worse than those, I suspect.

  39. totti4ever says:

    TOTTI is the best player wearing no 10
    number 1 leader
    number 1 style
    number 1 passion and team love
    number 1 technique
    totti is the best for ever

  40. zee says:

    try whatever you want but hes the best hes what we call football or rather soccer

  41. pinkster says:

    Anybody, as long as it is not Diego ‘Lunatic-Egomaniac-Cheater-Dopehead-Scumbag’ Maradona

  42. Miguel says:

    these retards think more trophies more goals means the better number 10, thats not true the true number 10 is the one that makes a difference, his mere presence makes a losing team into world champions, he carries his team on his shoulders and take them by the hand and exploit the best of each of his teammates, makes them better far better that they thought they would be, assists all goals NOT SCORE THEM, and if his team can’t score, he sometimes would take the risk of finishing itself.

    Zidane Pele and all the others did not have the chance to prove they were a true number 10, since they were sorrounded by super stars, but zidane was a much better 10 than Pele, he took his team to the final and he was always the playmaker “when we didnt know what to do, we just gave the ball to zidane and he would come up with something”.

    The true number 10 and the one who proved it in two world cups was Maradona. Pele, Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney are gol scorers, !!! somebody set the goals for them, especially PELE !!! WHO WAS SURROUNDED BY THE BEST TEAM OF ALL TIMES FOR ONE DECADE !!!

  43. Matilde says:

    Totti is my idolo since i Was a little child,eh is the best

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