Kaka for Jesus: AC Milan star wants to become a priest

Ollie Irish

29th, November 2007


74249983.gifRicardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, aka Kaka, wants to spread the word of the Lord when he retires from football. ‘I would like that a lot,’ the Brazilian Jesus freak (I mean that in the nicest possible way) said in interview with the Italian edition of GQ. ‘It’s a difficult road – you have to study theology and deepen your study of the Bible.’
After Milan beat Liverpool in the 2007 Champions League final, Kaka famously revealed a T-shirt bearing the words ‘I belong to Jesus’.
Silvio Berlusconi, Milan’s president, would probably disagree with that.
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  1. ze says:

    shame that this kind of player is involved in the whole church hipocrisy

  2. kaya says:

    Now you’ve really asked for it. This post will be getting responses from the flock of the faithful for months. At least you can say the jesus freak thing keeps him humble unlike most big name players.

  3. Yves K. Kalala says:

    Go Kaka ! go Kaka !u’ve been delaying all this long,Christ gave u that talent maybe for this only reason to proclaim about Him to the perversed world starting from ur fellow soccer stars who’re involved in all lots of mess out or even on the pitch…Much as u brought more fans into socccer world,Christ wants u to do more than that for Him…
    Go Kaka and let the world know the most important thing ever,the word of God,the word of Life.

  4. Go IU, cheat,cheat,cheat says:

    What do you mean church hypocrisy, the christian religion has done nothing but good always. What? Oh.

  5. Chris says:

    You won’t get “responses from the flock of the faithful for months.”
    What you’ll get is twenty responses along the lines of “Raaarrrgggh! Religion is teh EEEEEEEVVVVUUUULLLL! Nothing good has ever come from it! Raaaaarrrrggghhh!”
    Possibly followed by a few “Well, some good has come from it in the past, and if it makes people feel comfortable, what’s the problem?”, then another twenty posts accusing them of being inherently stupid religious bigots.
    I’ve hung around on the internet too long, I suspect.

  6. ze says:

    always good like not to look far burning witches and so on …

  7. kaya says:

    Chris, you apparently didn’t read the post Pies after the last CL final, otherwise you would’ve seen all the posts from the jesus freak contingent. I think the post was a link to buy the shirt and someone finally ligtened up the mood buy proposing an “I belong to Kaka'” jersey.

  8. john oughton says:

    Berlusconi probably paraphrased the Marine Sergeant’s oft quoted reply:”your soul may belong to Jesus, but youe ass belongs to me”.(“heavy metal jacket”?)

  9. anderson says:

    vc não passa de um otario ipocresia da Igreja Deus não é criança nem brinquedo pra vc brinca com ele

  10. Sarah says:

    If you don’t love Jesus, or in your case “religion” then good for you Chris you don’t have to be a Christian. Don’t discriminate because you have different views. Who are you to say what people believe is basically stupid to you.Keep that to yourself. (Jesus Freak)

  11. leah says:

    um yea you dont have to have a religion or believe in jesus but when the day comes when your up there dont cry ether when your burning

  12. i want Kaka as a serious friend so far and continuously because he is the player i have ever meat because when he in the center of ac mill-an,he plays good in the hands of the almighty God

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