Is David Beckham one of the most fascinating people of 2007? Barbara Walters thinks so

Ollie Irish

30th, November 2007


Barbara Walters, veteran American journalist/TV personality, has named David Beckham (and missus Victoria) as one her Most Fascinating People of 2007. I know what I’m buying Walters for Christmas – a good dictionary, so she can look up the true definition of the word ‘fascinating’.
I suppose she has a point – like most of the football media, Pies features Beckham more than any other footballer. His LA adventure quickly lost its allure, but until he retires, we’ll continue to keep half an eye on his career. Do you find him fascinating, Pies readers, or are you bored with his exploits?
‘Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007’ will air on ABC on Thursday, December 6. No doubt we’ll put up a YouTube clip of said show in the week after it screens Stateside, so watch out for that.
To see Walters in action in a clip from her ‘Most Fascinating… of 2006’, click below…

Hmm, fascinating.

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  1. Pete in Green Bay says:

    Maybe Babs will ask Beck what kind of tree he would be. Judging on his performance in MLS this season, I think a “stump” of any kind would be the appropriate answer.
    The Beckham “shine” has long since faded from MLS. This grows tiresome.

  2. bluemeanies says:

    Babs has had some bizzarre choices for most fascinating- I think Paris Hilton and Monica Lewinsky have both appeared on previous lists. Maybe Anna Nicole Smith. Beckham looks like a great choice in comparison, but most people know this list is only one step up from the Details magazine list of people of the year that proclaimed K-Fed a power player for being a slightly better parent than Britney Spears.

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