Filippo Inzaghi Is Shit – How Does He Score So Many Goals?

Ollie Irish

5th, December 2007


inzaghi.jpgNo one has scored more goals in Europe than Filippo Inzaghi. He broke Gerd Muller’s record of 62 goals last night, in Milan’s 1-0 defeat of Celtic. Er, how did that happen? He’s not world-class in any area, not even when it comes to scoring goals (that sounds perverse, but it’s true – he does miss as many goals as he scores). His touch is shit, his ball control average, he’s not particularly fast or powerful. How does he do it?!

I guess it’s because Pippo has played so long for a Milan team that is always in Europe and has always had great midfielders to create stacks of chances for him to stick out a bony leg and claim yet another goal from one yard out.
Every sport offers rewards to opportunistic players, and no footballer is more opportunistic than Inzaghi. Or am I being a bit harsh on the lad?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not harsh at all. Ive always known he is shit. Great description of him, cause he has nothing going for him that any other striker would take apart from his very annoying knack to be in the right place at the right time.
    He is very much like an andy cole, who also needs a fair few chances to actually score. Although that is harsh on cole, he is a much better all round footballer.

  2. 291103 says:

    He’s extremely lucky like his team.

  3. Toxic says:

    Not harsh at all he is useless as that open goal back pass header to Boruc last night showed.
    “He’s not world-class in any area”
    Would disagree here though he is the best i the world at getting offside and then never getting back onside.

  4. dp says:

    It’s like Cruijff said: “Look, the guy can’t actually play at all. He’s just always in the right place at the right time.”

  5. Dan M says:

    Inzaghi inspires a whole new generation of goal poachers to overtake his crown…Three cheers for the slightly onsides shoulder.
    (I cite Eduardo, dudu is pippo with talent and a national team resume!)

  6. ross says:

    inzaghi is and always was awful. absolutely awful. i’m so glad it’s been mentioned in the open. mr offside.
    he’s probably the only player in the history of AC Milan who i can genuinely say ‘i reckon i could skin him’ and not be drunk or lying.
    how, and i mean HOW THE F**K has he scored so many goals??? oh yeah, Kaka, Pirlo, Seedorf, Serginho etc.

  7. Mark says:

    Actually UEFA’s figures are wrong and he is not Europe’s top scorer. Gerd Mueller scored several more than 62 but they were in the Fairs Cup, which UEFA does not count even though most other soccer statisticians do.
    There are also many discrepancies over Pippo’s tally and those in the know say he has probably only scored around 55…(Super cup goals have been wrongly counted etc etc)

  8. pippo says:

    do you really think that aonly pure luck and good midfielders produce his goal tally? he’s simply a perfect goal poacher and always there when it matters most. sorry, your comments are far from being fair.

  9. kek fun says:

    Wish england had just one shit striker like Inzaghi

  10. ze says:

    u call him shit when none of your strikers scored more than 50 national goals. shit english talk as always

  11. Łupek says:

    I’d score 63 Europe goals if i played for Juve or Milan.
    His Woodness is so annoying when he steals goals from teammates by touching the ball when it’s about to roll in anyway, or when he gets hit by the ball and it goes in… endlessly irritating little Pinocchio. No, seriously, he’s been chiselled, not born.

  12. ze says:

    go and score then. why ffs kind of striker in parma – gilardino – now plays shit whit all those passing force and so on ?

  13. Chris says:

    You are, of course, completely incorrect.
    Inzaghi is exceptional at positioning and reading play. These traits are of course generally ignored by the British public, who would prefer a 7 foot donkey up the front that can barge their way into position, rather than simply getting there first without looking like they’ve done anything at all.
    As for the offside thing, he may be offside a lot, but he gets lots of breaks as well. That’s part of the positioning and reading the play thing that I mentioned earlier. Yes, he plays for Milan. But there are a whole lot of strikers playing for top CL teams, and they’re nowhere near as prolific as he is.
    Inzaghi is a great goal-scorer, whose main strengths tend to be in areas that are totally overlooked by the English style of play.

  14. Andy says:

    I guess this prooves why english are so crap at football; they don’t understand anything about it.
    Superpippo is an amazing footballer; I sometimes dislike his antics as well but he is the best scorer in europe with full merits.
    Cruyff said he is always in the right place; this is the truth and this is a skill. Only intelligent players will know when the ball will be passed, he always knows how to anticipate the defender or strike lethally like he knew exactly where the ball was meant to go.
    And to say it is always been up to Milan is not only unfair but also not true…he scored plenty with Juventus and been top scorer in Serie A with Atalanta (not such a powerful team at the time).
    Italy always play with someone like him on front coupled with a more techncialplayer (del Piero, Totti, Di Natale); this is a winning tactics…maybe instead of criticing it the english should adopt it…maybe at that point they would start winning something!

  15. Lars says:

    Ollie must teach Albanian. He also must visit Bobruysk.
    Kill yourself апстену, dear Олли Айриш.

  16. joe says:

    striker’s pride and achievement come frm numbers of goals…no doubt he is a good striker. no matter how he scores, a goal is stil a goal…better than those striker with amazing skill but when comes to open chances cant score…

  17. Crax says:

    Inzaghi is a beast, that guy is 37 and is still BANGING them in against Mourinho’s Real Madrid. His intelligence is through the roof and the numbers really do speak for themselves

  18. Stevo says:

    “not world class in any area”? eh, goal poaching in itself is a very valuable trait, it’s a skill.

  19. Paul says:

    those who argue that it is easy to score that many goals with world class players playing around you (del piero/pirlo/zidane etc.) – please explain to us how he ended up the capocannoniere in his final season at very much mediocre atalanta?

  20. Con Me May says:

    bunch of haters. more like a bunch of losers, really.

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