Scavengers sell David Beckham used Coca Cola bottles, chips and corn cobs!


6th, December 2007

Tramps Profit hungry New Zealanders are flogging food scraps that David Beckham left behind during his trip to the country on the internet. Fans have put items including a half-empty Coca Cola bottle on auction site TradeMe to cash-in on Becks’ leftovers.
Beckham stalkers can big for the Coke bottle left in a Nando’s restaurant, a chip dropped on the floor as Beckham strolled around Wellington and a half-eaten corn cob! The chip is currently available for around £1.70. But while the Beckham touch is available fairly cheaply, his saliva will hit your wallet. Bidding on the Coke bottle is up to around £60!
Crazy people! [Via ThroughBall]

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