Niko Kranjcar Set To Leave Tottenham In January – For Liverpool?

Chris Wright

17th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

After last week  admitting that his peripheral existence at Tottenham this season has left him feeling ‘a little empty’, it should come as absolutely no surprise that midfielder Niko Kranjcar is now beginning to seriously think about leaving the club.

Speaking to Mediaservis, Kranjcar said:

“Of course, I have to wait to see what Tottenham have to say, but as things stand, a transfer somewhere else is not that far away.

“I am not angry or too disappointed. I believe that things will improve at Spurs, but if not then I will look for a club where I can play week in and week out.

“I don’t want to spend my years just sitting on the bench because I love this sport which is why I’m unhappy when I’m not playing more regularly.”

Kranjcar’s father, Zlatko (who currently serves as Montenegro’s manager) was a little less veiled about his son’s future at White Hart Lane, telling 24Sata that an exit is imminent:

“Niko is definitely leaving Tottenham. That is his choice and I totally agree with him. There just isn’t any sense to be sitting on the bench all the time.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Kranjcar isn’t a Liverpool player by February 1st, then I’ll gladly ingest my slippers.

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  1. Ollie Irish says:

    Shame, great player on his day, but arrival of VdV has marginalised him

  2. paddy says:

    for some reason when i read the headline i felt it was going to happen, deja vu almost. after sifting through 1000’s of bullshit (mostly spanish) transfer rumours i reckon this is a go-er.

    btw ollie, you never finished your top 10 premier league goals of the decade! you got to number 4 :(

  3. davy says:

    Unless the pool are paying silly money for him i would rather sell him abroad.

  4. Catcher says:

    Zlatko start munching on them slippers, we wont sell to the scousers, but he will go to another club on loan.

    How do you like your slippers with or without cheese.


  5. MaxMad says:

    Catcher, you obviously misread the last sentence. The slippers thing is apparently Chris’ own thoughts.

    I could see Kranjcar joining Liverpool. He may be a good fit as well. Rebuilding with “outcasts” may come to see a cheap turn to rise.

  6. CFC_Jay says:

    lol, Catcher…….Zlatko didnt say he’d eat his slippers, that was the writer of the above :-)

  7. syndex says:

    The deal on the table is two tottenham outcasts for one everton, bentley and kranjcar are going to everton and pienaar is going in the other direction (which sucks but we will have to live with it)

  8. PhilandoTorres says:

    We don’t need more midfielders. Strikers, wingers and full-backs are what’s needed.

  9. Kranjcar would be great fit because as Liverpool has found out over the last two seasons, when Gerrard is out- they do not win. They do not have an attacking thrust and Krancjar can give them that

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