‘I Will Be At Man City Until June’ – Mario Balotelli

Chris Wright

18th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

By spending every available second of his spare time (of which he has in abundance of late, due to a persistent knee injury) back at home in Milan, Manchester City striker is hardly giving off the signs of a player content with life in England.

Balotelli has been linked with a move back to Italy with AC Milan on numerous occasions since he left Inter for City in August and, amidst a fresh wave of rumours, the 20-year-old is yet again remaining decidedly non-committal – telling Mediaset:

“The likelihood is that I will be at City up until June. I have a five-year contract and I can’t say anything.”

Speculation intensified over Balotelli’s future after he was spotted on Sunday night having dinner with AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani in a Milanese restaurant, an incident that he claims meant little:

“It’s true that I had supper with Galliani after the Milan derby, but had I eaten with (Inter president) Massimo Moratti the media would have said that I was going to Inter.”

Fair enough I suppose. I had a Ginsters Cornish pasty this morning and Plymouth Argyle are yet to make their move.

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  1. Markell says:

    You know what? D’ya know what?

    I for one have had enough of this kid. He is a brilliant player, anyone can see that, but what anyone should also be able to see is that he is quite daft. Dumb and immature is a bad combination. As a City supporter I say fuck him. We dont need him. Could he help? Sure, but not going on like this. We SHOULD send him home, back to his beloved Milan, where his own ‘fans’ serenade him with racist songs and dont like him anyway. If he so desperately wants to be in a place like that, fine, lets ship him back as soon as possible.

    I just can not believe anyone would want to work in conditions such as those facing Mario in Italy. As a Black man I can say that I would never want to work in any place with any hint of racist sentiment, much less outright support of bigotry and hatred. If Balotelli is so puerile as to want to do so, then we at City should let him. Shit, frankly we dont need him. We’ve half the world on our books anyway and the boy cant find a game for us, either, so to hell (or Italy) with him. Get rid of the idiot cancer and get back to winning, Blues.

    For fucks sake, man.

  2. Thomas says:

    ^somewhat agreed but there’s a bigger underlying issue. City is no place for any 20 year old, unless they actually fit in the starting XI. City basically went to the grocery store and forgot the recipe at home, buying whatever they could fit in their massive cart with a disregard of the big picture. No one wants to sit the bench(especially at 20~22), and I don’t blame them. That’s the problem you find when you buy highly-rated players that believe their own hype and get a fat salary. Johnson is frustrated and will likely try to force a move in January unless something changes. Ade, Santa Cruz, Given all would like a move as well. Too many cooks in the kitchen; Too many chiefs and not enough indians, pick your cliche. Two things I think they could do that would resolve this issue. Either develop and promote youth academy prospects or buy your players at a younger age with less expectations/accomplishment yet large potential to place in your overall squad. You can’t naively put a bunch of past champions on a team and expect them to bring you championships.

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