Tottenham Open Talks With Hoffenheim Over Bosnian Battering Ram

Chris Wright

30th, November 2010


By Chris Wright

Tottenham have apparently entered advanced talks with Bundesliga side Hoffenheim over their Bosnian forward Vedad Ibisevic, with reports circulating in Germany today that an €8-10 million deal may already be in place for the January transfer window.

German sports site have even be so kind as to publish a little factfile on the striker in light of his proposed move to the Premier League, and it would seem that Ibisevic’s main attributes are his ability to ‘peel off down the flanks’ and his admirable grasp of several European languages.

To be brutally and unprofessionally honest, I’ve never heard of the guy. Is anyone out there any wiser?

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  1. Ollie Irish says:

    Nada, but he’s a shit lookalike for Nando Torres’ older brother

  2. Vladimir says:

    Jes` …. he was the best scorer in Bundesliga last autumn when Hoffenheim was 2nd on winter break … and then broke his leg and never returned to that brilliant form , but he is worth all 10 milions

  3. Stewart Sear says:

    Doesn’t sound like the world class striker we need tbh

  4. Chris says:

    @Ollie: Good shout! It’s the ‘pony neck’ that swings it for me.

    @Vladimir: Reckon he could bring something to Spurs’ frontline that Crouch/Pav/Defoe/Keane don’t already provide?

  5. Vladimir says:

    @Chris : That`s another question , does Tottenham need him ? No , they don`t even if Keane is out in next few weeks

  6. Grant says:

    Really pisses me off that this guy doesn’t play for the U.S. national team.

    Just think, Rossi, Ibisevic, and Sebotic alone would make our team quite a bit better right there.

  7. Grant says:

    Oh, and by the way, in Hoffenheim’s first season in the Bundesliga, the one where they won the Winter Championship and took the league by storm, Ibisevic had 17 goals in 17 games before doing his knee and missing the rest of the season. If he hadn’t gone down, who knows what would have happened to Hoff, who eventually finished 7th that year.

  8. Grant says:

    Sorry it was 18 in 17. Pretty ridiculous numbers if you ask me, and Bundesliga isn’t Romania if you get my drift. I remember watching a lot of those games that season because Ibisevic was a possible U.S. national team player if only our stupid olympic development program hadn’t had it’s head up its ass 10-15 years ago. He has a really great goalscorer’s instinct, but not in the way that term is usually used. He’s not a goal poacher, but he’s someone who is really great at reading the game and showing for passes and runs that put him in a really great position to score. He was one of the best young players in Europe a season or two ago, and along with Pjanic from Olympique Lyonnais, Dzeko from VfL Wolfsburg, and Begovic from Stoke City FC is one of the big reasons Bosnia Herzegovina almost qualified for the World Cup last year, losing only in the playoff against Portugal. At 10 million I would say he’d be just about right, but I don’t know if Spurs need another 10 million pound reserve striker given they already have so many.

  9. jaba says:

    i am bosnian and i can tell you ibisevic sucks arse. he dribbles like a crack nut always losing possesion. he’s not physically strong and gives up on balls very easily. don’t be fooled he has no pace or speed and would struggle to score for tottenham. he is nothing special at all and you would be wasting 10 million on worst then average player.

  10. S-League Player says:

    @jaba: Your description make him sounds like the perfect target Tottenham always buys! Bent, Pavlyuchenko, Kanoute. All noted goal scorers in other teams/leagues until they ended up at WHL. Hmmmm..

  11. joe says:

    killer goal instinct. when he plays with confidence he is easily one of top strikers in bundesliga. 18 goals in 17 games, including a goal against bayern that won the autumn portion of the leage for hoffenheim a couple years back. during that transfer window man u among others came calling but he decided to stay put and tore his knee in the preparations for 2nd half of season…never fully recovered confidence the top of his game, easily worth 10 mil, and is better then tottenhams current strikers.

  12. husejn says:

    jaba, if youre ‘bosnian’ like u say you are odakle si porijeklom? Another jealous kid ha. If he was as bad as u describe he is i find it hard to believe he’d be on a 18/17.

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