Pies 2.0 shoots, scores!

Ollie Irish

6th, July 2009


As you can see, Pies has changed, and about time too - the old design was clunky and frankly not a lot of fun to look at - much like Franck Ribery.
We really hope you like the new look. There are a few teething troubles to resolve, but they should be fixed soon - Movable Type can be difficult to work with - much like Didier Drogba.
Some of you can’t comment yet, for example, but we’re working to fix that asap. And we have a couple of archiving issues to iron out; again, we hope to have that sorted out this week. Overall though, it’s all good.

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  1. Ollie says:

    Thanks Arse

  2. arseblogger says:

    FYI – It’s not remembering personal info and you could take a look at the page you land on after you comment.

  3. Ollie says:

    Yeah, a few teething troubles, like I said. We had to go live before sorting them out – Movable Type is a bitch sometimes.

  4. Muffinz says:

    Don’t really like the muddy green. However the site is a much better format.

  5. chrissmari says:

    Ollie! too much clicking from the main page! I can’t read all the stories without clicking on headlines! It’s a blog not an email or newspaper!

  6. Kipp says:

    I too would prefer a jump bit of the article, rather than diving right in. But otherwise i like it, lots of green. and you said irish was just a surname

  7. Now with 100% more awesomeness. Nice one.
    The Michael Owen of footy sites.

  8. Ollie says:

    @ Chrissmari & Kippster – I take your points, but actually there’s no more clicking than there was with the old Pies.
    With the new design, no posts have ‘continue reading’ jump links; instead, it’s a feed of stories on the home page and you can then click on each one to read more. So if a story catches your eye, one click and you see the whole thing. It’s a fairly common system for blogs now, and I hope you grow to prefer it.

  9. Sarai says:

    too complicated actually very shit

  10. jd says:

    not a fan, prefer the old one
    don’t like how i can’t read the first couple sentences of each post
    doesn’t seem like a blog anymore, just a feed

  11. Gonzo Civelli says:

    New Pies : good design
    old Pies: no good design
    still the same old blogger anyway, when do you step up to a new permatanned reporter to feed us fresh news from Madrid ?

  12. jerome Kenway says:

    when I click on a story on the first page, it just shows me some video about a 20 year old dad called Wayne. I’m on safari

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