Photo: Owen Hargreaves Spotted Leaving Hospital After Man City Medical

Chris Wright

30th, August 2011


By Rumour Monger

Usually a photo of Owen Hargreaves leaving hospital wouldn’t be cause to assume anything out of the ordinary, but it just so happens that ol’ Johnny No-Knees has been photographed leaving the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester – the place where Manchester City conduct all their medicals these days.

Our keen Poirot-like minds are telling us that something may be afoot here – indeed, the Sun have gone ahead and pronounced that the Hargonator has actually been put through (and miraculously passed) a City physical ahead of a shock move to Eastlands.

One can only imagine what an ‘Owen Hargreaves medical’ entails. Presumably a whole lot of bubble-wrap.

More to follow…

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  1. LJHarvz says:

    Oh please god, no.

  2. nat says:

    He’s just out to grab some lunch. He lives in the hospital.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No, no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Redskywalker says:

    Is this a feckin joke????

  5. youreds says:

    a fit hargreaves would be a top signing for any side, even city. he also reckons he is back to full fitness. the fact that people think he cant play anymore shows how badly informed they are.

  6. tendon not is says:

    fergie fergie sign him up :P

  7. Papi says:

    Lmao @ nat’s comment. Kudos, mate.

  8. Nick says:

    This is just about the only deal that I could realistically see happening for Owen. Mancini has been told that h’es spent enough and there isn’t any more for this window, yet he’s possibly short of some decent defensive cover with De Jong the only real quality in that position. Toure’s been predominantly used as an attacking battering ram, and Barry to my mind probably can’t hold that position on his own due to a lack of pace.
    A fit Hargreaves is a great addition to any Premier League squad, but there aren’t many teams that can afford to chuck wages at someone who might not ever play, and don’t forget there will be a lot of potential medical bills and insurance premiums to pay. City can, what does that matter to them, it’s a drop in the ocean. Smart move for both clubs if you ask me.

  9. Maybe he just need to visit someone else in the hospital or just for a check up purposes.

  10. Joe says:

    It’s true!!! As a scoop, because Pies has amused me for years and I’d like to do something back, Here’s an exclusive snap of the doctor giving Owen the okay:

  11. Chris says:

    @Joe: Oi you! Yeah, you! Behave!

  12. Montesquieu says:

    I guess youtube videos do really work…

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