Lille Agree To Sell Eden Hazard, But Not For One Penny Less Than £43m

Alan Duffy

25th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Belgian wing-wizard Eden Hazard has been linked with pretty much every big club in Europe over the last year, and now his club, Lille, have decided that the attacker is up for sale, albeit at a rather high price.

£43 million will get you the services of the fleet-footed 20-year-old, a figure which will probably put Arsenal, who have been consistently linked with the player, out of the running.

Lille president Michel Seydoux said: “The price is 50million euros – and we’d like to make that clear in advance. We are at a stage when the club is having discussions about what to do. It depends on the offers we get. Nobody is unsellable. We would be able to look for replacements with the money we would receive.”

The likelihood is that he’ll end up either in Spain with Real Madrid or in Italy with Internazionale, although with Chelsea struggling at the moment, Roman Abramovich might get out his cheque book in January to appease the crowd, and give AVB one last chance.

With Man City’s massive squad, a move to the Etihad looks unlikely too while Sir Alex Ferguson already has Young, Nani and Valencia on the flanks.

Maybe Doncaster Rovers will splash their cash and make a bid?

Here are some of Hazards’ best bits so far…

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  1. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:


  2. jojo says:

    would pick him over neymar any day of the week.

  3. Mark says:

    @Steve Clarke he has the choice of any club in the world and to play with the very best players, so no… Unless Andy Carroll can pull a few strings.

  4. Jay says:

    @Mark.LMAO. Best reply on WAATP of the year?

  5. aninjasdream says:

    Great. Join some club which benches you forever. Atleast he’ll retire rich and injury-free. This all sounds great but doesn’t make you a legend. Ass fucking wipe.

  6. noiz says:

    nice opinion aninjasdream, asswipe

    who said he’s a legend, the boy is 20 yrs old..
    but hey, if you say he isn’t any good, i guess you’re right, mr prophet

  7. df says:

    liverpool. carroll will be loaned out for sure lol

  8. Mario says:

    Joe Cole’s doing pretty well over there on loan so maybe Liverpool can strike up a deal.

  9. C says:

    I’ll buy him for Bath after I get the managers job over there.

  10. diabytheman says:

    50M? He hasn’t scored a goal in the national team yet… He’s just an overrated young talented player. Anzhi should buy him…

  11. sloth says:

    I doubt he’ll end up at Inter unless they finally sell Wesley Sneijder to Man U. They’re in bad shape financially (like the rest of Italy) and are currently sitting 16th in the Serie A table.

    I’m hesitant to rule Arsenal out after they made a £23m profit in the summer transfer market. They have good relations with Lille and Hazard has a connection at Arsenal in Gervinho. He’d certainly see more of the field at Emirates than the Nou Camp or Bernebeu or Stamford Bridge.

    Finally, gotta remember Mega-Money PSG want him too. Remember Javier Pastore? I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Paris next season…

  12. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Typically over-rated Belgian player. Yet, we were taught by Austin Powers to hate the Dutch…tsk tsk…

  13. DJ says:

    Still early days for him but he’s been a first team player for a long time with Lille and his technical ability is quality. Decent shot on him to. Would be good to see him playing in England but £43m is to much. You can understand Lille’s stance on it though.

  14. Papi says:

    Lille are out of their minds. If he goes anywhere though, I tip him for either Inter, Chelsea, Madrid, or Barca.

  15. wolfinho says:

    would love to see lille, inter, and man u fix a deal where inter get hazard, man u get sneijder, and lille get paul pogba on loan for the rest of the season. that said, i don’t think hazard would fit very well into the inter system.

  16. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Lots of pictures of ‘special’ footballers on Pies lately…

  17. YoussefGooner says:

    Arsenal! .. haha I’m just kidding.

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