Striker Stops To Tie Goalkeeper’s Bootlaces For Him, Referee Wades In And Ruins Touching Moment (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

We join the action here midway through the Saudi Arabian Premier League clash between Al-Nahda and Al-Ittihad with Al-Nahda’s keeper Taisir Al Antaif panicking and flailing his arms to attract the attention of the referee having just received a back-pass from his centre-half and realising his boot had come undone, leaving him unable to kick the ball properly with Al-Ittihad striker Jobson loitering in the vicinity.

However, instead of capitalising on the situation by nipping in and stealing the ball off Al Antaif’s toe, Jobson decided to show a bit of humility and sportsmanship by jogging over to the stricken ‘keeper and tying up his bootlaces for him.

The two players then shared a moment; sealing the deal with a friendly high five, though it was at this point that the ornery referee decided to wade in and ruin the whole shebang by reprimanding the pair for not playing to his whistle – duly awarding Al-Ittihad an indirect free-kick inside the area.

You’ll no doubt be glad to learn that Al-Ittihad then did the decent thing and rolled their set-piece harmlessly out of play…

Awesome stuff!

The game itself was a cracker, with the scores locked level at 4-4 come the final whistle following an 89th-minute penalty equaliser from the Al-Ittihad boys. You definitely get a favourable bang:buck ratio over in the Saudi top flight.

(Via Eurosport)