German Ice Hockey Team Limber Up With Slightly Bonkers Game Of ‘Ice Football’ (Video)

Chris Wright

5th, August 2014

By Chris Wright

As miscellaneous curios go, this one is quite cool – literally, in fact!

German ice hockey team Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams (yes, that is their name) staged a public training session recently in which they melded the worlds of ice hockey and football to create a new spliced super-sport: Icehockfuß, or something like that anyway.

Any road up, the results were not quite as clunky and ungainly as you might expect – with several players displaying a surprising amount of finesse on the ball…

All well and good but we think it’s for the good of mankind that Icehockfuß gets nipped in the bud now before it gets out of hand.

We’re not against it per se, but the last thing we need to be doing is affixing sharpened stainless steel blades to the feet of the Lee Cattermoles and Joey Bartons of this world.

Frankly, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

(Thanks to Pies fan Luke Humbold for the tip-off!)

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