Singapore Lions XII Score Incredibly Odd Goal During Malaysian Cup Tie (Video)

Chris Wright

20th, August 2014


By Chris Wright

In which we see Singapore-based side Lions XII profit from a momentary bout of dumbfounded confusion that spread through the defence of their Malaysian Cup opponents, Pahang FA, when an over-hit pass cannoned back off the feet of the linesman stationed on the touchline without actually ever going out of play.

Thinking a throw-in must have been forthcoming, the entire Pahang back four simply stopped in their tracks leaving Lions XII to race through on goal unencumbered…

D’oh! That’s definitely one for the “You’re The Ref” fans out there.

For the record, despite falling victim to this little palaver, Pahang went on to win the game 1-2.

(Many thanks to Pies fan Herman Ng for the spot!)