Ever Wondered What Bohemian Rhapsody Would Sound Like If It Were Re-Written Using Footballers Names? (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, December 2016

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Chances are you’re probably already fairly well acquainted with Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s 1975 genre-splicing gibberish rock classic.

However, thanks to The Exploding Heads, we now know that Bo-Rhap (as true fans refer to it) can be improved – specifically by subbing out the original lyrics and replacing them with phonetically similar footballers’ names.

It’s actually really rather good…

Impeccably prepared and executed, we’re sure you’ll agree – most impressive deployment of Adnan Januzaj since his senior debut.

In fact, it’s second only to ‘Mertesacker Emptiness‘ in our humble estimation.

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1 Comment

  1. Robbie Rae says:

    It’s good. But it’s not quite as good as the one you ‘borrowed’ it from that my mate Paddy and I did in about 2003. Easy to steal the idea … not so easy to steal the execution.

    Izzet, McGreal, Cruyff? Izzet Busst Fan Zhiyi?
    Rothen, Ilhan, Clyde, Morris, Grayson, Vialli, Deane.
    Olsen, Yorke, Rice, Onopko and Radzinski,
    I’m Joe-Max Moore, Poy-et, Scifo, Summerbee
    Jo Tessem, Greavsie, Bunn, Heath, Zico, Sun Jihai, Ramelow
    Kenny, Gray, Irwin, Vogts, Huth, Henry, McMaster, Domi, Domi…

    Lama … Jess, de Bilde, Haan
    Sutter, Gunn, O’Kane, Pires
    Rumminegge, Dowie, Stead
    Lama …. Kluivert, Busby, Dunn
    Butt, Howe, Lyall, Holland, Woan, Smith, Holloway
    Lama, ooh,
    Pennant, Breen, Yakubu, Wise
    O’Brien, Scott, Black, McGrain, Distin, Steve Morrow
    Bellion, Bellion, as if Huth, Henry, McMaster

    Southgate … Fry, Primus, Dunne
    Bent, Chivers, Brown, Ba, Grimes, Todd, Preece, Aitken, Ball, McBride
    Tugay, Bruno N’Gotty, Marc Hottiger
    Totti, Greaves, Puyol, Mee, Grimes, Baresi, Booth
    Lama, ooh
    Maier, Lunt, Makaay
    Rice, Hunt, Grimes, Bish-op, Pfeffer, Green, Horne, McCall


    Garcia, Lyttle, Hill, Bebeto, Croft, McMahon
    Masopust, Masopust
    Davor Suker, Hong Myung-Bo
    Hunter, Volz and Bright, King, Terry, Berry, White, Ling, Lee
    (Di Matteo) Di Matteo. (Di Matteo.) Di Matteo, Di Matteo, Baggio
    Romario (oh, oh, oh oh, oh…).
    Bernd Schuster, Newell, Moyes, Yobo, Pistone
    Preece, Schuster, Newell, Moyes, M’Boma, Moore, Farrelly
    Jeremies, Cruyff, Thomas, Francescoli!
    Greavsie, Bunn, Heath, Zico, Mills, Eusebio?
    Flo!! Lee Philpott, Bett, Figo
    (Bett Figo !) Asprilla! Cahill, Barett, Figo
    (Bett Figo !) Asprilla! Cahill, Barrett, Figo
    (Bett Figo .) Cahill, Barrett Figo
    (Bett Figo .) Cahill, Barrett, Figo. (Barrett Figo-o-o-o)
    Flo, Zi-co, Di Stef-an-o
    (Oh Hamaan, Weah, Hamaa, Weah ) Hamaan, Weah, Bettega
    Altobelli, Stubbs, Gazza, Neville, Mutu, Knight, Cot-tee, Cot-tee, Cot-teeeee!


    Resenbrink, Jerkan, Stone, Deehan, Gritt, Ian Wright
    Resenbrink, Jerkan, Lovenkrands, Beagrie, Li Tie
    Oh, Brady! Kanu, Pistone, Brady!
    Duff, Hoddle, Tostao … Duff, Hoddle, Bett, Rideout O’Leary

    Huth Henry McMaster, Kenny, Bunn, Caskey
    Huth Henry McMaster
    Huth. Henry. McMaster. Domi


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