The Don Revie Story is muddy brilliant

Ollie Irish

20th, July 2020

Leeds won’t have mud on their white shirts in the Premier League next season, because there is no mud in the Premier League. It’s not allowed. If you want mud, watch this no-nonsense profile of Don Revie, in which football looks closer in nature to rugby league than today’s sanitised, HD version of the game; the quagmire pitches, the heavy ball (how did Peter Lorimer hit it so cleanly?), the unpunished brutality, all belonging to a distant time that most fans are too young to remember, and one recalled as much by watching Lindsay Anderson’s This Sporting Life as any football film.

The documentary also reminds you how bloody good that Leeds team was, and what a meticulous manager Revie was – his knack for man-management is well-documented but he was a pioneer too.


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