West Brom Fans Left Dumbfounded After Receiving Strange ‘Phone Calls’ From Tony Pulis

Chris Wright

27th, November 2015


If the myriad bemused responses on Twitter are anything to go by, it looks as though West Brom may have missed the mark with a little PR ploy they’ve attempted this afternoon.

Some bright spark in the Baggies’ marketing department decided it would be a good idea to have manager Tony Pulis record a message, disguised as a genuine personal phone call, to alert fans to the fact that half-season ticket cards are now on sale via the club.

However, rather than treating the call as a charming gesture, many supporters were simply left dumbfounded by the presence of Pulis in their voicemails…

Some attempted to converse with their manager, but to no avail…

Obviously others weren’t quite so taken aback…

Nice try, but no cigar. We believe ‘swing and a miss’ is the appropriate technical terminology.

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