FIFA Open Disciplinary Proceedings Over Luis Suarez Bite, Cannibalistic Striker Could Face Mammoth 24-Match Ban!

Chris Wright

25th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

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After “gathering all the necessary elements”, FIFA have begun disciplinary proceedings against Luis Suarez today in the wake of him appearing to gnaw on Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder during yesterday’s World Cup group tie between Italy and Uruguay.

Suarez’s little orthodontic-based discretion could carry a whopping 24-match, TWO-YEAR suspension if FIFA choose to meter out their maximum punishment, which of course, they won’t.

This from the Guardian:

“FIFA’s disciplinary code has the scope to suspend a player for a maximum of 24 matches – which, technically, can include club games but in practice tends to be only internationals.”

Perhaps predictably, the Uruguayan press are blaming their British counterparts for the pressure being put on Suarez – a fellow who has now sunk his teeth into an opponent not once, not twice, but thrice.

Indeed, Spanish paper Sport are claiming that the Uruguayan FA are planning to fight Suarez’s corner by even going as far as to claim that the myriad photos of Chiellini showing the referee his puncture marks are nothing but “exaggerated photoshops” designed to further victimise their precious little angel.


We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. milwaukeewobbly says:

    Was that the same Photoshop used to fake the moon landing???

  2. Chris says:

    He bit Chellieni and then got elbowed, lost a tooth. Move on.

  3. bestie says:

    Suarez holding his teeth after NOT biting Chielini photoshop as well?

  4. diamant says:

    They can just pull up a set up Suarez’s dental records and match them to Chiellini’s shoulder

  5. tom the bees fan says:

    damn those British newspapers making poor Luis bite people.
    They sent Chiellini barbecue sauce to smear all over his arms to lure Luis in.

  6. Eric says:

    It is unfortunate that Suarez has this tendency; it casts a shadow on the fact that he is an absolute world class player.

  7. bestie says:

    I wonder what his wife and kids are thinking

  8. Lucid says:

    If only he’d bite Zlatan one day – that would be an interesting reaction..

  9. bestie says:

    If Suarez bit Zlatan, he’d be left with no teeth

  10. matty says:

    Suarez really wants to meet Germany in the latter stages.
    Apparently he really fancies a shoulder of Lahm.

    *I’ll get me coat

  11. Jarren says:

    Suarez bites Zlatan = -Suarez

  12. macd says:

    Is this really any worse than Mourinho eye-gouging Vilanova? Schumacer on Battiston? Keane on haland? None of them were handed a 24-month ban. Too focussed on the biting aspect and not on the effect of the bite. It’s incredibly stupid and bizarre but they’re overreacting. Hand him a ban but two years is ludicrous

  13. Dr. Spock says:

    Suarez must be severely punished, otherwise, what are we teaching our children?

    Ban him for the children, I say! THE CHILDREN!!

  14. Dave says:

    @ macd……yes but it’s his third offence and he’s not learned from it..Long ban and muzzle the prick on his return.

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