Wenger blames stadium announcer, takes excuse-making to the next level


11th, September 2006

Oh Arsene, give it a rest mate – no one is interested in your excuses. Have you considered that Arsenal’s poor start to the season is down to you and the players? If you haven’t heard, Arsene Wenger (pictured) has had a pop at the Grove’s stadium announcer, who was apparently gabbing on during Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Boro on Saturday:

‘I was very annoyed about the
constant announcements,’ he said. ‘I think he has to respect people
and not talk too much. We are not on the radio here. There are people
who want to watch a football game without a debate going on… It’s really disturbing. I don’t know if it puts the players off but for people watching it’s disturbing… You wonder why there’s one guy reading a book up there on his own and nobody is interested in what he says.’

[Via The Mirror]

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