Teddy Sheringham told to grow-up by Cesc Fabregas’ dad

Ollie Irish

9th, November 2006

Untitled_37West Ham‘s Teddy Sheringham has been told to start acting his age by the father of Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas. Francesc Fabregas Snr – who at the 39 is one year younger than the Sheringham – was speaking after the veteran striker clashed with his son during the fiery meeting between the two sides on Sunday.

Fabregas Snr said: "I’m 39 so Sheringham is older than I am. So he’s old enough to be Cesc’s father! Personally, I saw the first aggression come from Sheringham and even when you want to stay calm there are times when you react." FA officials are currently deciding whether any action should be taken against the pair. [Via The Sun]

[Rob Parker]

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