WAG Irina Shayk Plans To Marry Cristiano Ronaldo This Year?

Ollie Irish

21st, July 2010


By Herman Miller


Supermodel Irina Shayk (see gallery above) wants to make an honest man of Cristiano Ronaldo. Which is impossible, of course, but damn she’s going to try – and if anyone can tame the Portuguese Man ‘O’ Sex, it’s a leggy supermodel who is clearly as vain as he is. Will they live in a house of mirrors? You bet. Separate bathrooms? You bet. The most inane pillow talk in history? You bet.

So, this just in from Irina’s Facebook page, as reported first by Sport.es and then our pals at The Spoiler:

“I am committed Christian and the wedding will take place before Christmas.

“I love my boyfriend, I love my life and I love Portugal.”

Hmm. Hmmmm. Gotta say I’m dubious. It’s so easy to masquerade as a celeb on social media platforms that there’s a good chance this isn’t Shayk. We’ll see.