‘Inmessionante’: Lionel Messi Added To Spanish Dictionary

Chris Wright

11th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

In today’s ‘Just how far can we slide our collective tongues up Lionel Messi’s back passage’ news, the Barcelona demigod’s name has now been included in the Spanish Dictionary, with ‘inmessionante’ (adj.) defined as…

1.) The perfect way to play football, an unlimited ability to self-improve.

2.) Describes the best player of all time

E.g, “Lionel Messi is really quite inmessionante when it comes down to it.”

Perfect for all the commentators out there who are struggling to drum up new, more bombastic superlatives for Messi as he sends records tumbling every single time he steps out onto the pitch – not that Ray “Trickier Than A Monkey Up A Monkey Tree!” Hudson will ever need help in that department.

(Via Sportige)