Some Urchin Has Stolen The Entire Top Half Of Lionel Messi’s Statue In Buenos Aires (Photo)

Chris Wright

10th, January 2017


While Cristiano Ronaldo was busy picking up his latest FIFA trinket on Monday, Lionel Messi was suffering the ignominy of having his entire upper body stolen.

To clarify, vandals somehow managed to scarper with the entire top half of the Messi statue that was unveiled on the Paseo de la Gloria in Buenos Aires only six months ago.

After the entirely odd theft was reported, the Buenos Aires municipal government issued the following statement:

The statue of Lionel Messi fell victim to an act of vandalism that left the footballer’s sculpture without its top half.

Its repair is now being worked on.

Sadly, CCTV footage captured at the scene proved to be inconclusive, with the vandal concealing his face while hacking the statue to bits…


Local freelance bronze smelters have been asked to be extra vigilant.

Posted in Barcelona, South America

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